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Qualcomm modems should not be on the next iPhones

It couldn't end differently. While they fight each other in court fights, Apple and Qualcomm even today they have a commercial relationship based on the supply of modems (basebands) 3G / 4G for iPhones. But not for long, it seems.

For some time, there was already a strong suspicion that Qualcomm would not be supplying 5G modems to Apple in the future. However, today a company executive hinted that the commercial relationship between the two could end this year at least with regard to the iPhones that are due to be announced in September.

At a conference to disclose financial results, Qualcomm?s chief financial officer (CFO), George Davis, said today that it ?does not expect? that Apple will use its chips on the next iPhones.

The uncertain way in which Davis opened up this curious possibility, given that at this point in the championship the projects of the iPhones of 2018 are already well underway and most likely their production has already started. That is, the executive knows well, officially, if Qualcomm supply or in the millions of these components to Apple this year.

With that, the path is totally open for the Intel, which already provides modems for Apple, and who knows for the MediaTek enter as her second partner in this field. We only hope, as consumers, that it does not mean the adoption of chips not as good as Qualcomm's after all, even Samsung is already playing around with it, based on an inferior LTE performance of the iPhone X of the Galaxy S9.

For Davis to have reported this at the conference, the impact on Qualcomm's finances will certainly be great even if it continues, for a while, to provide modems for current / previous models of iPhones. Losing Apple as a customer must be worse than any result it may obtain from these legal disputes.

via MacRumors