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QiPlus combines external battery with triple USB charger and wireless charging surface

The race is launched for the manufacturer or startup It is to come up with the most useful charging solution for these strange times when everything (almost) is charged via a USB-C port but the batteries remain in the ?same? state they were years ago. Some will appear and disappear quickly, while others may conquer a more lasting place in the sun. I don't know if the case of QiPlus, but that the cool idea, that.

QiPlus is a new crowdfunding project, currently open for investment in Indiegogo, which combines the best of all worlds: it, at the same time, an external battery, a power adapter with two USB ports and a wireless charger, whose The upper surface can be used to rest your iPhone 8/8 Plus / X (or compatible Android smartphone) and have your battery filled with precious energy juice.

The power adapter part is well thought out enough for you to be able to use the QiPlus anywhere in the world: just like Apple chargers, its removable plug plug can be replaced by the standard of any country or an extension cable 2m, already included, for extra practicality.

The accessory has two 2.4A USB-A ports, with intelligent power output recognition, and one USB-C port, also with 2.4A output (enough to charge, for example, a MacBook at normal pace) .

The built-in external battery, in turn, has 6,700mAh, enough to recharge an iPhone X from scratch 2.6 times (in theory; in practice, we know that the power dissipation ends up making this account a little more for low). It is possible to use the power of the external battery both on the wireless charging surface and on the USB ports, so there is total flexibility.

QiPlus, external battery combo, power adapter and wireless charger

Speaking of wireless charging, the Qi surface charges its devices to a power of 5W, detecting the type of device that is positioned to adjust the numbers according to what it supports. A small LCD panel on the front of the QiPlus shows the charge rate and the level of the external battery.

It looks great, doesn't it? For those interested, QiPlus is a ?guaranteed delivery? project at Indiegogo, and its production is already starting; investing $ 50 in the project, you guarantee your unit (already with four international plug adapters and an extension cable) that will be delivered to the whole world from August.

tip from Miguel Dornaes