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Project Proton: New, smaller, more modern-looking virtual reality glasses from HTC

While HTC is betting its future VR on the modular Vive Cosmos for now, it has also been working on new, next-generation models known by the code name Project Proton. The company's CEO, Yves Maitre, said that they will be more similar to normal glasses.

Judging by the images rendered below, it seems that the company still has a long way to go until they are even more similar to normal glasses. Even so, the images seem to indicate that they are already more compact than many virtual reality devices available today.


HTC is betting on new sensors and an increase in resolution to guarantee a great experience in the re …

In a note sent to the Engadget website, a representative from HTC said that "Project Proton is a prototype of a future XR glasses from HTC Vive and we look forward to hearing feedback from the community as we continue to work on the product".

We have absolutely no information about the specs, but Project Proton confirms HTC's intention to shift the focus to mixed reality use cases, as well as add 5G connectivity – whether internal or external – to its future devices.

Project Proton covers two form factors: an all-in-one device that the site calls "Proton AIO", for now, and an "all-in-two" device that he calls "Proton Glass".

When looking more closely, both seem to have frontal cameras that are probably used for inside-out tracking, although it is also possible that they are used for passthrough viewing of the outside world. The displays appear to be very thin, which may be an indication that they will be much lighter than current devices. That said, it is unclear how much impact this will have on the field of view.

Unlike Vive Focus, the Proton AIO's processing unit appears to be housed in the rear of the head wing, which further reduces the size of the display while offering better weight distribution. There are also two dongles that are probably headphones that hang over your ears.

As for Proton Glass, it was designed to be powered by an external processing module, such as a smartphone, and looks more like glasses with a (very) thick frame.

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