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Portuguese Red Cross chooses Quidgest solutions for resource management

The Portuguese Red Cross announced the choice of Quidgest for the creation of customized solutions in the management of its approximately 180 delegations spread across the country. The institution is independently managed in each delegation, whether employees or volunteers, which creates challenges in terms of centralization and strategic information management. CVP also needs to send periodic data to the competent entities.

These very demanding needs, whether financial or human resources, require the creation of a Quidgest methodology. CVP specialists will benefit from new technical resources in order to obtain the best practices, as well as greater efficiency in saving resources and responding effectively to legislative requirements.

tek quidgest

In addition to the most effective management, Quidgest solutions will allow the institution to obtain essential metrics for the medium and long-term planning of its activities. For the technological company, this agreement also means opening doors in other social solidarity institutions in Portugal and abroad, as well as their solutions.