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Pixelmator Pro launches with new design, improvements in image editing, machine learning and, the best, without subscription

As promised, today the team behind Pixelmator, one of the largest image editors for macOS, has launched its newest bet: o Pixelmator Pro.

As the name suggests, the new software offers much more professional and advanced image editing options. Still, the company promises simplified editing tools in a single window and, as announced in September, smarter editing features thanks to machine learning.

Pixelmator Pro app icon

The Pro version of the software arrives with a new design, exchanging the old floating vanes for the conciseness of a single window, with tools on the left and / or right sides, and the option of seeing only your project in the "Hide interface" mode.

The new app brings significant improvements to all options that the previous software already had, with a much greater sensitivity to avoid destroying the images while you edit, resize and rearrange the layers.

Using Metal 2 and CoreML present in macOS High Sierra, Pixelmator Pro machine learning assists in the automatic detection of different landscapes (horizons), in improving the option of removing objects from photos and also in the quick selection tool. Another nice feature is the automatic naming of the layers, which suggests a name according to what the app interprets from the image.

There are also new color adjustment tools, new brush options (and it also supports Adobe Photoshop, in case you want to migrate from the app), a totally new painting mechanism and a much easier way to work with the layers. rearrange, group, rename and more.

In addition, RAW image editing support was added to the new app, to make it easier for those who always needed to convert the image before editing it now, no longer necessary to do so.

As with the predecessor, the new app supports HEIF images from High Sierra. And, in case you are worried that your previous projects will be able to be executed in the new one, the answer is positive; however, it will not be possible to open Pro version projects in the old software.

After five years of development, Pixelmator Pro can be purchased for $ 60 directly from the Mac App Store yes, you read that right: no subscriptions here and if you want to try it for 30 days, you can download it on this page.

The previous (more basic) version of the software continues to sell for $ 15 and its iOS version for only $ 2.

Pixelmator app icon

Pixelmator app icon