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Only certified adapters will be able to quickly recharge new iPhones

That iPhones as well as most electronic devices should not be recharged with any accessory available on the market, is not new. In fact, Apple has the program MFi for other companies to supply peripheral products (such as chargers) following their safety and quality standards.

However, the enclosure could close even further for users who purchase any type of adapter and cable for their devices, as the long-awaited new 18W should receive special certification C-AUTH (for USB Type-C products), so that new iPhones are quickly recharged, as disclosed by Macotakara.

Also according to the Japanese blog, if a non-certified charger is connected to the iPhone, the device should display an alert (probably in the same way as it already happens) and the charging speed will be reduced (from the promised 18W) and limited to one maximum of 2.5W this if it loads!

C-AUTH authentication is necessary, like many others, to protect users against USB chargers incompatible with that device model and, consequently, to avoid major problems such as the device catching fire or exploding that you have probably heard about. In addition, certification reduces the risk of accessories damaging your hardware or software. gadget. Therefore, for Apple, all little care.

However, this does not mean that you will only be able to use Apple chargers and cables, as it is likely that Ma will not sell the new chargers separately when the iPhones arrive at stores due to production constraints. This standard is supported by numerous partner companies of Ma, so it will not be difficult to find certified alternatives in the market.

via 9to5Mac