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One more: bandits steal $ 29,000 in Apple store products in California

Friends, it seems that we are seeing the beginning of a trend. There have already been two occurrences this month (1, 2) and now one more Apple store in the United States has suffered that kind of ninja theft, that is, when the bandits simply enter the store when they want nothing, they get the maximum amount of products they can and leave in less than a minute.

As reported by Fox News, the theft this time happened last Monday (7/23), around 9 pm, at Apple South Coast Plaza, in a shopping center in Costa Mesa, Orange County (California). The five bandits, who appeared to be carrying no weapons (or at least showed none at any time), took about $ 29k on iPhones and iPads, in an action that lasted about 30 seconds; at the exit, a plainclothes officer tried to block the men's exit, but he was punched and kicked, even falling to the floor.

The security cameras on the site captured the entire incident:

The police are now working with the images to try to identify the bad guys. There is no information as to whether the crime is actually linked to the other two actions that took place at the beginning of the month (one of them, in an Apple store also in California) or if the wave more based on groups is probably influenced by previous thefts.

What a thing, you see.

via Cult of Mac