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Netflix launches "Top 10" so you don't miss out on trends

The massification of Netflix has made its content dominate most of the social interactions we have. Currently, not seeing the last season of the series of the moment often means being oblivious to the conversation – but the platform has a solution to prevent you from "picking up papers" again when they tell you about that new content that everyone is watching .

From now on, you will be able to find a top 10 most viewed content in your country. Netflix explains that the table will be renewed every day, and that it appears higher or lower, depending on the compatibility of the top of the moment with your tastes.

In addition to a general top 10, the platform will also launch a popularity ranking for each genre, so you can target your search based on the popularity of the series and films available.

ANetflix had already tried this feature in the UK and Mexico in 2019. Reed Hastings, the company's CEO, says this is a practical way "to see what others are seeing" and "to facilitate the choice of content to watch ".

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The top 10 will appear to all users starting this week. The table will appear highlighted with a different aspect from the other rows of content, so you can easily distinguish it.