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More rumors about the colors and availability of the supposed new 6.1 ″ iPhone

almost always like this: the production of the new iPhones accelerates and the rumors are growing at the same speed, especially when it comes to gadget flagship of Ma. At the beginning of the month, we commented that the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo distilled a little more information about what to expect from the new iPhones, including that the intermediate device, with 6.1 ? LCD display, should come in various colors.

Now the Macotakara corroborated with that information. However, it contradicts the idea that the intermediate model will come in red, as predicted. According to the Japanese blog, sources inside the production chain said that this model comes in some colors similar to those of Ma's leather case line for the iPhone X: black, blue, taupe, yellow, orange and white (although not white leather case for iPhone X).

Leather cases for iPhone X

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is likely to hold the red option of this iPhone until the middle of the first half of 2019, just as it did this year with the iPhones 8/8 Plus from the (PRODUCT) RED edition.

In addition to the various color options for the 6.1 ? model, it is also expected that the successor of the iPhone X, as well as the ?iPhone X Plus?, will come in golden color, which did not happen with the iPhone X and until today we do not understand why.

Personally, I think the colors of Apple's leather cases are very beautiful and since iPhones are now made with glass on the back, they should be even more intense in this aspect, in the same way as the iPhones 8/8 Plus in red.

Possible delay on the 6.1-inch model

On a related note, it is likely that the new 6.1 ? iPhone may not be available until October, almost a month after the 5.8 ? and 6.5 ? models are released, according to an analyst forecast Katy L. Huberty, from Morgan Stanley.

The responsible for the delay would be production problems of the device's new backlight system, the key to the almost borderless design that was implemented with the iPhone X. Even though this technology equips the line of new iPhones, only the model with LCD display faces production problems, since the other two, with OLED screen, follow the schedule normally.

We are not aware of any delays in the production of OLED iPhones of 5.8 ? or 6.5 ?. However, we suspect that problems with LED light leakage caused a delay of one month in the mass production of the iPhone 6.1 "LCD, although this period is less than the six-week delay originally forecast, according to suppliers.

If the rumors prove to be true, a delay in production and consequently in the sale of the LCD model would mean that the expectation for the fiscal quarter corresponding to September and the beginning of October may be lower than the current forecasts.

Anyway, delays are always foreseen, but they often end up not proceeding. We will be sure with time

via 9to5Mac