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Mavic Mini PROMOTIONS put the drone for R $ 3,600 +/- in Brazilian stores

O Mavic Mini from DJI was released last year, we have a published video analysis that you can check on the video below, but since its release it was common to find the drone in its version Fly More with prices above R $ 4,000, and the recommended price in the advertisement for this "package" was R $ 4,049.

However, in the last few weeks it is already possible to find the small drone advertised with values ??in the range of R $ 3,600 in the same Fly More package, which brings extra batteries in addition to a charging hub and a few more extras, but some of the advertisers sell the imported version without Anatel homologation, just like any drone purchased outside Brazil. To be 100% within the law, homologation is necessary, so before confirming the purchase, it is always important to confirm this information with the advertiser.

DJI Mavic Mini ads on Amazon

But is it worth buying the Mavic Mini? Certainly it is one of the best purchase options today for those looking for a good quality drone, very portable and easy to carry anywhere, its 2.7K camera, autonomy of up to 30 minutes with a control distance of up to 4km are very attractive good for what they charged. The FIMI X8 SE is perhaps the Mini's biggest competitor, but a drone without the same support and which cannot deliver the same flight experience, it is worth "controlling" both to see in practice that difference favorable to DJI.

Fly More: This is the name given by DJI to packages with "extra" accessories for its drones, in particular two batteries and a charging hub for the batteries, making it possible to place 3 to 4 batteries depending on the model. But these kits can also bring a bag, propellers, cables, etc.

We also remember that in Brazil the Mavic Mini is framed as a drone equal to the Mavic Air, Mavic 2, etc. when it comes to flight legislation, despite having a weight of 249 grams.