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MacOS security update can break the file sharing function; know how to fix [atualizado]

Yesterday, in record time, Apple released a security update to correct the serious flaw that was found in macOS High Sierra 10.13.1. Providing a fix like this, very quickly, has its good side, after all the problem is fixed right away; on the other hand, there is no time to test whether the update will ?break? any other features.

And that's exactly what happened.

File Sharing on macOS

In a support article, Apple reports that the security update may prevent some users from being able to use the security feature. file sharing. If that's your case, follow the quick step-by-step below to get everything back to normal:

  1. Open the Terminal (in / Applications / Utilities /);
  2. type it sudo / usr / libexec / configureLocalKDC and press Enter;
  3. Type your administrator password and press Enter.

People who were experiencing this problem have already confirmed that everything has returned to work. But what a week, huh Apple

via MacRumors

Update by Rafael Fischmann Nov 30, 2017 at 7:15 pm

Apple today released a revised version of Security Update 2017-001, now also distributed to users of macOS 10.13.0 and already including a fix for the aforementioned file sharing problem.

The previous build was 17B1002; the new one, 17B1003.

It is possible that the update will appear again on the Mac App Store for those who had already updated yesterday. But no problem, just apply it again, because I don't even need to restart the Mac in this case.

via OS X Daily