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Leaked images show alleged “dummies” of the new 6.5 ″ and 6.1 ″ iPhones [atualizado]

Tradition has taught us: as soon as new iPhones start to be produced, images appear on the web that supposedly show how to be the next generation, showing most of the time the chassis of the device. Obviously this year would be no different, considering so many rumors and information about the new line of iPhones that even started last year, with the rumor that Apple will launch three iPhones models.

Once again, who released the leaked images was Ben Geskin, known for sharing several concepts of gadgets and also for spreading information about new products.

According to him, the images would be of the supposed models of 6.5 ? (the ?iPhone X Plus?) and the intermediate model of 6.1 ?. Recalling that, according to rumors, both the largest iPhone (6.5 ?) and the smallest (5.8 ?) should have an OLED display, while the intermediate model (6.1 ?) will continue with an LCD screen.

The images do not show anything very different from what we have already followed, that is, something that had not been commented on in the rumors. It is possible to note that the larger model has the same vertical orientation as the dual camera system that we have on the iPhone X, which goes against the rumor that defended the thesis of a 6.5 ? iPhone with a triple camera system.

Rear of iPhones 6.1 prototypes

Still regarding the ?iPhone X Plus?, the device's edges would be made of stainless steel and, according to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it will be available in black (space gray), white (silver) and gold (gold) ). The latter was even expected for the iPhone X, however, Apple chose not to launch such a model.

With regard to the iPhone that would be the big news (the intermediate model of 6.1 ?), the images "confirm" characteristics expected for the device with lower cost, starting with the LCD display. The choice for this display technology is also responsible for determining a slightly greater distance between the edge and the device's display (bezel) than that seen on the larger iPhone.

Another item that would make the cost of the device drop the camera; in the images, it is possible to notice that the device has only one lens (like the iPhone 8), according to another rumor already commented by us. The difference is due to the arrangement of the flash and the microphone, which in this unit dummy are located below the camera of the device and not on the side.

In addition, Apple should use aluminum instead of stainless steel at the edges of this intermediate model; in the images, the device resembles the glossy black version (jet black) of the iPhone 7. With respect to the colors, the projections indicate that this model should come in five different colors: black, blue, taupe, yellow, orange and white (or gray).

Bottom of iPhones 6.1 prototypes

Among the range of rumors about the new devices, we also comment on the supposed gain in battery capacity of the 6.5 ? and 6.1 ? models. In addition, gadgets they will have a new 18W charger for quick recharge that seems to have a small production problem.

As we cannot confirm the veracity of the images that probably came from case makers who would have access to the technical schemes of the devices, we can only continue to wait for news.

via 9to5Mac

Update by Rafael Fischmann 07/31/2018 s 09:10

Complementing the images released yesterday, Geskin posted today this coolest photo:

Meanwhile, the TigerMobiles posted two videos with the units "Dummy":

It is worth remembering that this type of housing is mainly intended for case / accessory manufacturers. The dimensions of the device tend to be perfect, but obviously the finish on (far from it).

via 9to5Mac