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Juror of “Planet of the Apps” reality blames Apple for program failure

For such an ambitious and billionaire endeavor, the beginning of Apple's move in the field of original series started with the left foot: the reality show ?Planet of the Apps?, the company's first original production to debut on Apple Music, passed absolutely out in the world outside the Ma ecosystem or the specialized vehicles in the company and, worse, the half dozen pinged cats that it saw didn't have many positive things to say about the series.

Now, criticisms about the conduct of the series are emerging from within, more precisely, from the jury Gary Vaynerchuk. In a recent episode of his podcast, available on YouTube, the entrepreneur (and internet personality) was very tough on the reality show and the way Apple did the marketing of the production, blaming Cupertino executives for the program's failure.

The conversation about the series starts at 26'40 ?.

According to Vaynerchuk, the meetings to discuss the series and its disclosure were totally fruitless, which made the entrepreneur, a self-proclaimed marketing genius, bite his own cheeks until he bled.

I was on an Apple program, ?Planet of the Apps?, Gwyneth (Paltrow), Will (, Jessica Alba and me. And Apple didn't use me or Vayner to do the marketing and it did everything wrong. Apple! () I have my way, I'm a big guy when I'm at home and this is my house, every time I'm producing content, I'm at home. But when I'm at someone else's house, I was brought up to show respect. You would be surprised at how I behaved at Apple's marketing meetings. My cheeks were bleeding a lot at each meeting, because I was biting them, my tongue practically fell out of my mouth.

Vaynerchuk made a point of stressing that his fellow judges were all very good and in no way responsible for the program's failure, but added that Apple had failed to give Jimmy Iovine more prominence in production.

Apple did not respond to the entrepreneur?s comments and we also don?t know about the future of ?Planet of the Apps? although, at this point, it is safe to say that, in the unlikely event of a second season, we will certainly not see Vaynerchuk in it.

via Cult of Mac