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iPhone XR breaks 2019 popularity record with more than 46 million units on the market

A newly published report from Omidia reveals that the iPhone XR was the most popular smartphone in 2019. According to estimates by the technology market analyst, the apple company sent about 46.3 million units of the company's model to stores. X range last year.

Analysts indicate that the most affordable smartphone launched in 2018 managed to surpass the iPhone 11 in terms of the number of devices distributed worldwide. The report points out that, in 2019, about 37.7 million base models of the latest line of smartphones launched by Apple arrived in stores.

Most popular smartphones in 2019 credits: Omedia

It should be remembered that after its launch, the demand for the iPhone XR skidded on the expectations of the company of the apple, something that led it to change its strategy and fail to reveal the sales figures of its smartphones. In 2019, with the arrival of the iPhone 11 at a more affordable price, Apple had to increase the production of the device by 10% due to the high level of demand from consumers.

Samsung's Galaxy A10, A50 and A20 smartphones occupy the next positions in Omidia's most popular device table. Analysts say that although the South Korean manufacturer continues to make its mark, its series of S10 smartphones has failed to reach the ranking or achieve the same popularity as models with more affordable prices.

Apple's leadership trend in the global smartphone market had already been revealed at the beginning of 2020. Analysts at Strategy Analytics made it known that the Cupertino giant managed to overtake Samsung in the last quarter of 2019 with regard to the distribution of equipment to world level.

With regard to the worldwide distribution of smartphones with 5G support, Omidia's estimates are in line with those of a report released by Gartner in early 2020. Although it represented only 1.1% of all devices distributed in 2019, analysts from Omidia indicate that the market segment is one of the fastest growing, and is on track to become one of the most dominant areas in the coming years.