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iPhone 8 Plus was the best-selling model in the second quarter, says CIRP

After a first quarter tied with his younger brother, the iPhone 8 Plus took the lead and became Apple's best-selling model during the second quarter of this year in the United States. The research was released by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) and also points out the sales of iPads in the country, with the 9.7 ? model continuing as the most popular among consumers.

With respect to gadget As a flagship of Ma, iPhones launched at the end of last year were, of course, the best-selling models during the second quarter, accounting for 54% of sales. More specifically, the iPhone 8 stayed with 13%, the iPhone 8 Plus with 24% and the iPhone X, with 17%. Nevertheless, the previous models are still responsible for a very significant share of sales, with iPhones SE, 6s / 6s Plus and 7/7 Plus representing 46% of the total devices sold during this period.

IPhone sales in the U.S. during the second quarter of 2018

The iPhone 8 Plus takes advantage, in part, of the difference between the price charged by it and the iPhone X even in the USA. Therefore, even though it is an extremely popular device, it was already expected that the model flagship didn?t occupy the top of the sales ranking for a long time, considering that there are other iPhones that share many of the same functions and that are cheaper and more experienced was Apple, too, for having made models more accessible, like the iPhone SE, still available for sale.

This year's numbers contrast with the results from the same period last year, when the iPhones 7/7 Plus (the models flagships at the time) were responsible for more than 80% of the sales of iPhones. This shows the impact that a third iPhone model has on total sales and makes us wonder what the sales of the line of iPhones will be launched in 2018 between two more expensive models and a supposedly cheaper intermediate model.

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As mentioned above, the survey also analyzed sales of iPads during the second quarter of this year in the USA, where the sixth generation iPad accounted for 31% of sales, following the success of the previous generation in 2017. In addition, sales of the 10.5 ? and 12.9 ? Pro line models accounted for 40%, each responsible for 20% of sales .

IPad sales in the U.S. during the second quarter of 2018

Another highlight was the outdated j iPad mini 4, which in the second quarter of this year accounted for 18% of iPad sales. Compared to the same period last year, the gadget had sold 11%, which represents an increase of seven percentage points in sales of this device.

In addition to this survey, this week we commented on two other results of Ma's impact on the market. The first, also made by CIRP, showed that Apple is gaining more space in the US market compared to Android; the second indicated the advance of Apple's expressiveness in several markets around the world, but also its losses.

These surveys are the only way to get an idea of ??how sales are iGadgets when divided by models, since in its financial results like the one we will follow next Tuesday, Apple only discloses the total numbers of devices sold per line.

via 9to5Mac