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Instagram now allows you to annotate your friends' reply photo with a new feature called “Remix”

At this point in the championship, we cannot even consider that the Instagram is attacking Snapchat and / or stealing its resources because, unfortunately for some, the little ghost's social network has long been massacred.

But as work should never stop, another week passes and, as has been happening lately, Mark Zuckerberg's social network now brings one more feature, which allows you to make a ?Remix? of your friends' photos.

Instagram Remix Stories

When your friend sends you a photo, you can tap the camera icon at the bottom to capture it and then send a reply. As soon as you do this, you will see the image that is responding as if it were a sticker, which you can move, resize, add text and more.

Previously, photo annotations were already possible, but now you can do this with the image shared by others. With the option ?remix?, you can send and receive several photos and create, as the company says, a ?fun look? for your conversation.

Instagram Remix Stories

Now, there is also the possibility that you can choose to let your friend see only once or in an ?endless? option, allowing him to have enough time to see what was sent to him.

Choose "Unique view" for the messages that you want your friends to see only once. For everything else, choose "Allow Playback" so your friends have more time to view your messages. Photos and videos sent with ?Allow Play? come in loop automatically, and your friends can tap once and hold to pause.

The novelty arrived in version 24 of Instagram, both for iOS and Android.

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via TechCrunch