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Huawei responds to Google: "Users install applications on smartphones wherever they want"

Although Huawei's presentation this week focused mainly on the foldable smartphone Mate Xs, which will arrive in Europe in late March, and showed its new MateBook line notebooks, its application store also had a great exposure. The AppGallery, which according to Richard Yu, assumes itself as the third major application store, next to the App Store and Google Play, and according to the executive of the Chinese manufacturer, the safest of the three.

The company says it continues to work to introduce new features, including the new Quick App system, a faster way to access applications, reducing the system's memory consumption. There are also new tools for producers, such as the MHS 4.0 production kit, as a way to entice more companies to convert their applications to the Huawei ecosystem.

After the event, in a press conference with the international press, SAPO TEK asked WalterJi, responsible for Huawei's consumer business, for a comment on Google's statements a few days ago. The American giant warned of the security risk related to installing applications outside the Google Play ecosystem.

The American giant indicates that due to restrictions imposed by the US government, its applications and services are not available for these devices, not even in an official way. According to Google, the models launched from May 2019 on have gone through their security process and, therefore, do not have Play Protect certification. At issue was the contour needed to access apps available on Google Services, outside of its official store.

Walter Ji replied that who should decide where to download their necessary applications are the users themselves, aligning his speech to Richard Yu, noting that Huawei is working on new features for its store, being the safest of the three, de-dramatizing the words of his rival and partner. Still, referring to its operating system, which is based on Android 10 open source, framed with EMUI 10, it leaves in the air that in a few years, we believe that customers will adapt to the Harmony OS.