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How to easily download videos from Twitter on PC and smartphone

Although Twitter does not offer the option of saving a video, it is already possible to download the video files from the social network with completely online tools. Check out in this article how to download the videos without any difficulty.

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To download on PC

To download the video on the computer, we suggest the Download Videos from Twitter tool. As the name says, this tool was made exclusively for this functionality. The page offers the options to download the video in mp3 (audio only), mp4 (video) and mp4 HD (high quality video) formats. Check out the step by step below:

1. Copy the video link

Download Twitter video

In the down arrow, on the top right side of the tweet, click on the option "Copy link / Copy link to Tweet".

2. Paste the link on the download site

Download Twitter video

On the website, paste the link in the indicated window.

3. Download the file

Download Twitter video

Choose the format and quality in which you want to download the file.

4. Wait for the download

Download Twitter video

The download time depends on the size of the file and the quality of the connection, but in general, the content is downloaded very quickly. (Note that the website itself provides instructions on how to download the videos.)

5. Sharing options

Download Twitter video

After complete download, the site also offers options to share the download link with friends.

To download on smartphone

While the Download Videos from Twitter page works normally on Androids smartphones, the iOS system no longer allows videos to be downloaded via the platform. There are, however, applications that can assist for both systems:


video vault

Even with the limitations between the iOS system and Google services – which has already caused many video download tools to stop working – it is still possible to find some apps that help with the task. the case of Video Vault Save Video.

With a simple interface, this application brings a kind of browser, through which the user can access the video page. Accessing through the app, a purple arrow appears when a video file is detected. This new button allows you to download the application directly.

We took a step-by-step guide on how to use Video Vault Save Video here.


Download Twitter video

On smartphones with Android system there should be no major difficulties to download the video directly from the Download videos from Twitter website. There is, however, a another option which can be more practical for the user. Through the Video | GIF Downloader for Twitter, it is possible to download the video through Twitter itself, without having to copy a link, open the website in the browser, etc.

With the app installed, just look at your timeline on Twitter as usual. When you see a video you want to download, click on "Share". In the sharing options, several applications will appear, including Video | GIF Downloader for Twitter.

Choose to share using the app and the option to download already appears (see photo above). Although it requires the installation of an application, after its installation, the option to download this way will always be available.

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