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Google warns that installing its applications and services on new Huawei smartphones is not a good idea

Google recommends users of new Huawei smartphones not to install their apps and services in an unofficial way. At issue is the high risk of installing an application that has been changed in order to compromise your security, explains the technological giant.

It is recalled that, following the economic embargo placed by the United States Huawei in May 2019, with the inclusion of the manufacturer in the "black list" of entities with which the country does not do business, the company is prevented from certifying any new devices for get support for Google Mobile Services. Huawei had to resort to plan B to reinforce Huawei Mobile Services in the latest releases, as with the Mate 30 Pro.

Given the vast number of questions it has been receiving regarding the support of its services on the new Huawei smartphones, Google has decided to leave everything on clean plates. The company indicates that due to restrictions imposed by the US government, its applications and services are not available for these devices, not even in an official way. According to Google, the models launched as of May 2019 have not gone through their security process and, therefore, do not have Play Protect certification.

Nevertheless, the tech giant clarifies that, as long as it is allowed, it will continue to work with the Chinese manufacturer to provide updates to the smartphone models that were launched before the Donald Trump government imposed blockade.

To tackle the United States embargo, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi decided to join together to create a common development platform and a digital store that wants to affirm itself as an alternative to Google Play Store. The Global Developer Service Alliance should be launched in March, but this date may not be met now due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Initially, the platform will cover nine regions, including India, Indonesia and Russia, in addition to China.