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Google launches two new experimental photo and video apps for iOS

If you enjoy capturing images, you will like to know that Google was excited by the possibilities he saw when he released Motion Stills developed by his researchers and now launched what he calls ?Appsperimental?, starting with a ?series? totally focused on photos or videos.

The ?Appsperiments? they would be experimental applications created to test other technologies in which the company is currently working, such as object recognition, people segmentation, efficient image styling, encoding and decoding algorithms and, above all, trying to provide diversity, of course.

Google has already released three apps, but only two are yet? available for iOS. Check out:

Selfissimo app icon!

Selfissimo! Of google

O Selfissimo!, which has a very suggestive (and funny) name, an application focused on taking selfies automated: whenever the person stops moving, a new photo is taken. Then, just like in a photo booth, it is possible to take several photos with different poses and the app will ?understand? and capture the selfie when you are stopped.

Scrubbies - Video app icon

J o Scrubbies an ?appsperiment? focused on video. With it, you can play with the speed and direction of the videos, creating loops customizable. How? The company explains: "Record a video in the app and then remix it by dragging your fingers like a DJ."

GIF from the Google Scrubbies app

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As the name of the initiative may suggest, the intention is to obtain feedback from users. Therefore, all apps are free and you can now ?try apps? freely. ?

via TechCrunch