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For the first time, Huawei surpasses Apple in the smartphone sales ranking

Although Apple's third fiscal quarter was a success, with increased revenue and a huge jump in the value collected from the sale of iPhones, the scenario in the ranking of smartphone sales worldwide was not so positive for the Cupertino giant . For the first time, the Chinese Huawei overtook Ma and came to occupy the second place among the biggest smartphone sellers during the second quarter of this year.

According to the most recent data from International Data Corporation (IDC), and as confirmed by Apple in its fiscal quarter announcement, 41.3 million iPhones were sold worldwide. IDC said the giant accounted for 12.1% of the market, a figure not unlike that normally registered for Apple in the second quarter of the year.

However, the vertiginous growth of the share occupied by Huawei in the sale of smartphones was already observed. The number of smartphones sold by the company grew an astonishing 41% when compared to the same period last year (to give you an idea, the growth in sales of iPhones was only 1%).

Smartphone sales chart for the second quarter of 2018

In practice, Huawei sold 15.7 million more handsets in a year-over-year comparison. In addition, the company continues to lead sales in the Chinese market, with a record 27% share in the second quarter in the country. For IDC, the reasons that led to the sales success of the company's devices were the P20 / P20 Pro line of devices, which ranges from US $ 600 to US $ 800 per l, and the launch of ?GPU Turbo? technology earlier this year .

THE Samsung continued to lead overall in the ranking of devices for the second quarter, with 71.5 million devices sold and 20.9% of the market. Below Apple, in fourth and fifth places, are Xiaomi and OPPO, with 31.9 and 29.4 million smartphones sold, respectively.

Overall, about 342 million smartphones were sold during the second quarter of this year, a decrease of 1.8% when compared to the same period last year. The drop also points to the third consecutive quarter of declining sales to the global market. Analysis companies Canalys and Strategy Analytics also published their reports on smartphone sales during the second quarter and the results are in line with those released by IDC.

As we know, this is actually the weakest quarter for Ma, however, this scenario is likely to change over the next quarters. After the new iPhones are released, Apple's sales figures are expected to be much higher than in previous quarters and years, considering that rumors point to a line of iPhones with three models among them one with lower cost than power it will be a huge sales success in several markets.

via 9to5Mac