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Flir presents new generation of compact thermal cameras Flir A8580

Flir Systems recently announced the launch of its new range of Flir A8580 thermal imaging cameras geared towards science. The 1.3 megapixel compact cameras were developed for use in industrial, military, scientific and product research and development (R&D) applications.

These cameras record blur-free images of targets at high speed, offer a wide variety of precision lenses, manual and motorized, and integrate seamlessly with the new thermal analysis software Flir Research Studio.

This line includes four MWIR models (midwave infrared) and an LWIR model (longwave infrared) that provides better uniformity and stability compared to other similar LWIR cameras. The LWIR model offers different temperature calibration ranges, reducing the need for repeat testing to fully measure a highly dynamic scene, and faster integration times.

All five models of the Flir A8580 camera produce clear thermal images with a resolution of 1280 x 1024, a 30% improvement over the company's previous compact scientific cameras. Users can maximize the number of pixels on their target through a set of lens options, from the 200mm telephoto lens to microscope lenses for images of extremely small targets.

Fast camera response times and advanced shooting options help users record sharp images of rapidly moving targets or accurately measure rapid changes in temperature. An internal filter mechanism allows the user to quickly switch between the standard and high temperature ranges with a button instead of having to manually change neutral density filters.

Flir presents new generation of compact thermal cameras Flir A8580

Despite the advanced features, Flir designed the A8580 cameras with simplified connections and controls that aim to make it easier to set up and use. The cameras connect via Gigabit Ethernet or CoaXPress to a computer running Flir Research Studio software. This included software allows users to view images in real time, record the transmission of images and evaluate thermal data from several Flir cameras and recorded sources simultaneously.

Flir presents new generation of compact thermal cameras Flir A8580

The new line of Flir A8580 cameras is now available globally through authorized dealers. More information about the cameras in the new line can be found at and

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