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Facebook acquires another virtual reality video game producer

In addition to practical business applications, Facebook is also looking to expand its entertainment portfolio to the Oculus virtual reality system. As such, it acquired the American stadium Sanzaru Games, known for the successful virtual reality game Asgards Wrath. Altogether, the stadium has produced four titles for the system since 2016: Ripcoil, VR Sports Challenge and MARVEL Powers United VR.

The game Asgards Wrath maintains an average of 88% on the aggregator portal Metacritic, being considered one of the most ambitious and impressive games of virtual reality. On the Facebook blog, the company praises the stadium for its work, for the new language with regard to game design, always trying to take the next step to push for technology. The function of the stadium will continue to produce more content and virtual reality games, which can even serve as a benchmark for new Oculus equipment.

Facebook says the stadium will maintain its culture and will continue to operate independently in its own offices in the United States and Canada, and is now supported by the Oculus Rift team. No new project has been advanced yet, but considering the quality and success of Asgards Wrath, the most likely to be in production is a sequel.

Since it acquired Oculus in 2014, for about two billion dollars, Facebook has been investing in new equipment, such as the recent Oculus Quest. In late 2019, Mark Zuckerberg's company acquired Beat Games, a Prague stadium responsible for Beat Saber, one of the best virtual reality games of recent years. It is a rhythmic game in which players have to dance with two lightsabers in hand, to destroy cubes that appear on the stage.

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