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European Commission stops using WhatsApp and switches to the Signal app, understand why

European Commission symbol. Source: phonearenaEuropean Commission symbol. Source: phonearena

The EU European Commission recently instructed its staff to switch messaging applications. This action was aimed at increasing the security of the information exchanged between its employees. According to the website Poltico, cirbersegurana is being one of the points that the body does not want to have failures.

European Commission tells all its employees to use the Signal app

At the beginning of this month, the European Commission sent a message to all employees saying:

"Signal has been selected as the recommended app for public instant messaging."

It has been a long time since the Signal app has received praise as the most secure messaging app developed. Its security is due to the strong end-to-end encryption present in the software. However, apps like WhatsApp and Apple Messages are also encrypted from end to end (Facebook Messenger no). So why would the EC be making this recommendation?

One of the reasons is due to attempts to invade important personal accounts, such as Jeff Bezos. The biggest difference of Signal in relation to its competitors, is the fact that it is open source software, while the others mentioned are not. This means that anyone can view the source code implemented in the application, being able to check if everything really claims to be and maybe detect any error.

In addition to the differential mentioned above, it brings the possibility of consultation and improvement, there is also the fact that it is a form of transparency to make sure that the app is able to do what it promises.

You can download the Signal app from the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

Source: fastcompany, politico

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