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Do you miss the jailbreak? It is possible that a solution for iOS 11 will soon appear, with the help of… Google! [atualizado 2x]

As we have already reported a few times, the jailbreak is dying. But although agonizing, the good news came: someone is working on a solution for that focused on iOS 11, with the help of Google!

According to the Motherboard, the ?most secure computing device on the planet? no longer has the option of jailbreak because even though security researchers are still hacking iOS, the bugs found are so rare that the solution sold to interested parties for more than a million dollars! For this reason, there are no public versions of jailbreak for iOS 11 currently. But that can change.

The engineer Ian Beer an iOS specialist called Project Zero, Of google. This project has the sole intention of finding bugs in software from other companies and has been successful in several researches in the past. For this reason, the jailbreak was in an uproar after Beer posted a very peculiar message on Twitter:

If you are interested in starting your security research kernel iOS 11, separate a device for search only, keeping it on iOS 11.1.2 or earlier. Part I (tfp0) coming soon.

As Beer asks in the tweet If the devices are kept on an old version of iOS, this probably means that the error explored must have been corrected by Apple in recent versions. Analyze you now, if this is not an interesting fact: according to the latest report of vulnerabilities fixed and reported Apple, 5 out of 15 were pointed out by Beer!

THE Motherboard explained that "Tfp0" means ?Task for pid 0?, or one ?Kernel task port?, which would give control over the core of the operating system. However, based on the engineer's reaction to the responses of those who think they will receive a jailbreak complete, the website stated that maybe this will not happen. Only, as always, from the moment that a breach exists, there is the possibility to exploit it to the fullest and get full access.

Marco Grassi, a researcher who made jailbreak to Keen Lab, from Tencent, said that, due to Beer?s vulnerability, ?it will definitely be possible to make a jailbreak complete, especially for (iPhones) 6s and earlier ?.

With this news, several other researchers are already preparing for when Beer actually discloses his discovery.

So, if you were expecting a jailbreak for the new version of iOS, stay tuned in the communities on the subject so you must pop up something related to this! And, of course, do not leave version 11.1.2.

via 9to5Mac

Update by Eduardo Marques 12/11/2017 s 19:15

iOS 11.1.2, now with the most kernel debugging:

As promised, Beer released the information so that interested parties can have full control of the core of the operating system. He also said that everything should work on all devices (although he has not tested it in person).

via 9to5Mac

Update II, by Eduardo Marques 12/12/2017 s 10:59

See you: it was confirmed that the exploit released by Beer works also on tvOS 11.x, allowing the jailbreak on Apple TVs 4K!

Jonathan Levin, CTO of Technologeeks and author of the book ?MacOS and iOS Internals?, confirmed everything. He further stated that his tool for jailbreak will be expanded to support the platform and LiberTV will receive an update.

via iClarified