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CYCO helps you take your medications with a helping hand from iPhone

Taking medication regularly is not a very nice task: one more thing that you have to remember during the day, times are sometimes very inconvenient and, if you miss a dose, it can have very unpleasant damage to your body. Several solutions have already been proposed to alleviate this situation, but perhaps none as intelligent as the CYCO.

Currently, CYCO is a project on Kickstarter, coming directly from Hong Kong, which promises to be a ?smart medicine box? and fully integrated with your iPhone (or Android smartphone), sending notifications and managing your dosage.

It takes the form of a small disc, which fits in most pockets, with seven internal compartments each with a small LED where you place the medicine (or medicines) you are going to take each period; to start using it, just synchronize the case with the corresponding app for iOS and Android and, in the app, put the times and dosages of your medications.

the computer goes into action: at the time of taking a dose, the app sends a notification and the LED of the right compartment starts to flash; just turn the swivel cover until the compartment opening is revealed and turn the case to pick up your pills. A sensor is in charge of detecting if all medications have left the niche and if you mistakenly (try) to get the medicines from the wrong compartment, CYCO emits an audible alert warning you of the confusion.

The CYCO app stores all your dosage records in a statistics panel, showing when you took your medications correctly (and which ones), when you delayed a dosage or forgot it. The app also has a feature that connects this information to a third person, whether a family member or a caregiver, who receives notifications if the user fails to take a dose or incorrectly administers some medication, for example, for children or the elderly resorting to solution.

Interested? The box has already reached its minimum target for investors and its creators set November this year as the deadline to start sending products to the first buyers. Contributing HK $ 450 (approximately R $ 220), you will receive your CYCO when production starts, they will ship anywhere in the world.

tip from Miguel Dornaes