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CrossOver 17, for Mac, arrives with support for Office 2016 and other Windows applications

If you made the transition to the Mac world but still need (or want) to use an application from the Windows world, some options exist: either the most drastic ones, like Boot Camp, or the lesser ones, like Parallels or VMware virtual machines . There is, however, a third option, known to fewer people, called CrossOver.

The software is nothing more than a commercial incorporation of open source technology Wine (that is, put in a cute package, ready to use and theoretically fail-safe), which allows Windows programs to run directly on macOS, without the need for a virtual machine. Now, the CodeWeavers, developer of the application, is launching the CrossOver 17 for Ma's operating system with some news.

CrossOver 17

The main one is support for Office 2016, from Microsoft, as well as improved support for the 2013 and 2010 versions of the same suite; support for the financial records application is also being added here Quicken 2017. All these software, remember, already have native versions for macOS, but some users still prefer their versions for PC due to one or another feature that is not present in the world of Apple (or simply because of familiarity, even).

In addition, version 17 of CrossOver brings updates in the compatibility layer that provides the operation of the software; as a result, a large number of programs already supported by the service have gained performance, performance and usability improvements.

CrossOver 17 is compatible with macOS Yosemite 10.10 or higher and costs $ 30 in the simple version, with no support or updates; The version with one year of support and upgrades costs US $ 50. Both can be purchased on the CodeWeavers website.