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Apps, music, movies, books… Apple reveals the “Best of 2017”!

Apple today released its traditional lists of best apps, music, movies, books and more. The selection encompasses this year's content and therefore bears the name ?Best of 2017?.

They vary a little by country, so obviously we will focus here on Brazilian stores.

IPhone app of the year

Enlight Videoleap app icon

IPhone Game of the Year

Splitter Critters app icon

App of the Year for iPad

Affinity Photo app icon

Game of the Year for iPad

The Witness app icon

App of the Year for Mac

Sorry, app not found.

Mac Game of the Year

The Witness app icon

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ITunes Store Top Charts banner

The soundtrack of 2017 was truly unforgettable. Check out the most popular songs and albums of the year on Apple Music and iTunes.

Top music of 2017

Album cover

Badge / large button Available on iTunes

The Puerto Rican phenomenon that conquered the world in 2017.

The complete list with the ?Top songs of 2017? (100 in total), you can see here.

Top album of 2017



in Ed Sheeran

Price: $ 13Gender: popRecord company: Asylum Records UK

Badge / large button Available on iTunes

Music star shows all his wealth and reach of his talent.

The complete list with the ?Top albums of 2017? (100 in total), you can see here.

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ITunes Store Top Charts Movie Banner

Cinfilos had a spectacular year. Several films became subjects for discussion and won over viewers. And the time has come to see or review the most popular cinematographic works on the iTunes Store in 2017, no matter the genre: from award-winning dramatic productions to successful comedies, the list is full of options for an exciting holiday.

In the film category, Apple selected the 50 most watched titles. Some of them (in order of visualization), are: "Moana, A Sea of ??Adventures", "Sing: Who Sings His Evil Stuns", "Fifty Shades Darker", "The Godfather", "Beauty and the Beast ( 2017) ?,? Trolls ?,? Wonder Woman ?,? The Hut ?,? Sully: The Hudson River Hero ?,? O Contador (2016) ?, among others.

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ITunes Store Podcast Top Charts Banner

News and politics were the themes that dominated podcasts in 2017 in Brazil: 11 of the 50 most heard are in this category. Business and English classes are also in the top 50. Listen to the most popular podcasts of the year and discover new favorites.

In the podcast category, Apple made a selection of the 20 most downloaded programs, among them ?Commentators? (CBN), "Nerdcast" (Young nerd), "Economy" (CBN), "Muo", ?Entrepreneurial sacadas? (Erico Rocha), "Pretinho Bsico", "Policy" (CBN), "English Everyday" (Tim Barrett), ?Academia CBN – Mario Sergio Cortella? (CBN) and ?No Ouvo? (No Saved) o "Morning Loop", from our friends at Loop Infinito, is also on the list!

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IBooks Store Top Charts Banner

Those who like literature cannot complain about 2017. The year was incredible for books of all genres. Discover here the most popular works in the genres of fiction and non-fiction, in addition to immersing yourself in the fantastic universe of the most downloaded free books. Suspensions of renowned authors, captivating series, mandatory classics and self-help phenomena. Explore now the titles that attracted readers and became the biggest hits of the year.

In books, Apple made a division between the best sellers in the physical, non-fictional categories, in addition to also highlighting the most downloaded free books. Just them:

  • Top Sellers: Fico: ?The Cabin?, ?The Smartest Man in History?, ?The Girl on the Train?, ?Origin?, ?Fifty Shades of Freedom? and more;
  • Bestsellers: no-fic: "The Power of Habit", "How to Make Friends and Influence People", "Sapiens", "The Diet of the Mind", "Propsito" and more;
  • Most downloaded: free books: ?Dom Casmurro?, ?The Seven Priorities of Life?, ?Pstumas Memories of Brs Cubas?, ?49 Fabulous Tips on Home Economics?, ?The Girl Who Saw God? and more.

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Did you like the lists? They are great for ?strolling? and discovering new content.