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Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) still depends on the iPhone for some things

When the Apple Watch Series 3 was announced and we heard that he would finally gain support for cellular networks, many thought that this was what was missing for him to become completely independent of the iPhone. Well, as we now know, it's not nearly the case yet.

The Apple Watch still needs to be paired and configured using an iPhone, and all third-party apps are also installed by it. In addition, the cellular plan for the watch here in Brazil, for the time being offered only by Claro, is linked to the main one, since you use the same phone number on it.

But it goes a little further, as the reader warned us Rodrigo Mazzola based on this YouTube video. Basically, the guy points out that everything that depends on the operator still needs to go through the iPhone, which makes sense, unfortunately. I explain.

The Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) obviously has its own chip, which is soldered to the logic board (the so-called eSIM). He even technically has an account and his own phone number in the operator's eyes, but thanks to a system created by Apple that the iPhone can "forward" everything that comes from the operator to him and that includes phone calls, SMS and MMS to the paired Apple Watch. that's how it works in practice, and why you don't have a different number than the clock; the number is not ?cloned? on the two chips, as originally imagined.

And here's the explanation for what the YouTuber points on the video: specifically for things that depend on the main number attached to the iPhone, it must be connected and connected to the network for everything to work on the Apple Watch.

Apple itself reports this in the first footnote to this support article:

To receive SMS, MMS or notifications via push of third-party apps on the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular), the paired iPhone must be turned on and connected to the cellular or Wi-Fi network, but it does not need to be close.

For everything that doesn't depend on the operator (like using Siri, sending and receiving iMessages, listening to music, checking the weather, controlling your home, using third-party apps, etc.), the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) continues to work perfectly with your direct connection to the cellular operator's network.

It is curious to note that Apple's note does not quote calls, and comments on the video in question confirm that it is still possible to make and receive calls even with the iPhone turned off. Go figure! ?