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Apple software big man opens the door to seeing a future Face ID recognizing multiple faces

The purpose of this article is not to discuss whether the Face ID better than Touch ID, or vice versa. The fact: facial biometrics are here to stay in the Apple ecosystem. So, little by little, Touch ID has everything to leave the scene as there are rumors of new iPads arriving in 2018 equipped with the TrueDepth front system. But there is something that we cannot escape, a detail intrinsic to the operation of Touch ID that has a clear advantage compared to Face ID.

As much as Apple's biometric systems were created with a focus on only one user (the owner of the device), the possibility of registering up to five fingers on the Touch ID opens a loophole widely used by owners of iPhones for: someone else's , who not only owns the device, also register their fingerprint to unlock it.

With Face ID this is not possible because well, we only have one face and, as this security system was designed to recognize only the owner of the device and no one else, there is no possibility that the wife, husband, son or anyone also use it to unlock your iPhone. And that was confirmed this week by none other than Craig Federighi, head of Apple software.

Craig Federighi's response on multiple users on Face ID

Responding to the email of a customer who loved the iPhone X and Face ID, but who defended this Touch ID feature with good arguments (he and the woman have their respective fingerprints registered on the other's device, which made it much easier, for example, access to the spouse's device when the other was driving or something), Federighi made it clear that Face ID was designed only to work with its owner, just like Touch ID. Yes, despite recognizing up to five fingerprints, the original idea of ??Touch ID allows the device owner to unlock the device with the finger or the index finger of both hands, for example, and not allow up to five different people to register theirs respective fingers.

Both the client's and Federighi's arguments are plausible. There is definitely no right or wrong here, just choices. For those who would like to see support for multiple faces in Face ID, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as Federighi ended the email saying that he would certainly take the comment into account during the evolution of Face ID.

My tip, however (even though he said that),: wait seated.

via MacRumors