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Apple shares break new historic record: $ 194.82

After a few weeks of ups and downs, the Apple actions today they reached a new historical record. The latter had been registered on June 6.

$ AAPL had a 0.94% rise in today's NASDAQ price and is now quoted at $ 194.82. The figure is almost equal to the day's high, also historical, of $ 194.85.

As a result, Apple's market value is now estimated at $ 957.57 billion. She remains the favorite to hit the unbelievable $ 1 trail mark first, but the one who has climbed a lot in the past few weeks and has taken second place is Amazon ($ AMZN), which is worth $ 904.27 billion today. THE Alphabet ($ GOOG) is now in third place, with a market cap US $ 878.58 billion.

Next Tuesday (7/31), as we reported, Apple will release its financial results for the third fiscal quarter of 2018. Depending on the figures presented, it may be that it will shoot towards the $ 1 rail. Or not.