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Apple Research app is updated and supports Airpods Pro in Hearing Study

Check out the news about updating the Apple Research application. One of the most interesting points is the support for Airpods Pro in the Hearing Study!

Apple Research application. Source: AppleApple Research application. Source: Apple

Apple recently released an update for its iPhone and Apple Watch search app, Apple Research version 1.1.2. In this newly released application update, there were some interesting implementations. One of them is the possibility of using Airpods Pro for the Apple Hearing Study tool and other utilities.

It is now possible to use Airpods Pro in the Auditory Study to examine the impact of exposure to sound

The Apple Research mobile app was originally launched by Apple in November last year. In the app you can choose between three health studies: Women's Health (Womens Health); Heart and Movement (Heart and Movement); Hearing Study. With the latest software update, it is now possible to use Airpods Pro for Auditory Study, which examines the impact of exposure to sound on hearing health and stress levels.

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There were also other improvements in the mobile health app such as the improvement to VoiceOver and the efficiency in watchOS battery life. Check out the changelog below:

"This update includes new features, improvements and bug fixes and is recommended for all users:

– Support for AirPods Pro in the Apple Hearing study

– Enhanced experience for VoiceOver users while participating in Apple's audio study and hearing test

– Improved battery life with the latest update from watchOS "

The Apple Research app can be downloaded from the App Store and free.

Source: 9to5mac

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