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Apple reports record revenue of $ 53.3 billion in fiscal third quarter of 2018 [atualizado 2x]

As predicted, Apple has just released its financial results for the fiscal third quarter 2018 which ended on June 30th.

Apple ended the quarter with record revenue (for that period) of $ 53.3 billion, within the US $ 51.5-53.5 billion that she had foreseen representing a 17% growth compared to the third fiscal quarter of 2017, with a net profit of $ 11.5 billion (32% more). Diluted earnings were $ 2.34, a 40% jump in one year. International sales comprised 60% of all its quarterly revenue.

Here are the numbers by segments:

  • iPhone: 41.3 million units (+ 1%), $ 29.9 billion (+ 20%)
  • iPad: 11.6 million units (+ 1%), $ 4.7 billion (-5%)
  • Mac: 3.7 million units (-13%), $ 5.3 billion (-5%)
  • Services: $ 9.5 billion (+ 31%)
  • Others: $ 3.7 billion (+ 37%)

In a first analysis of numbers, we see that the average selling price of iPhones must have skyrocketed with the X model selling so much. iPads were relatively stable (the drop in revenue demonstrates the popularity of the 9.7 ? entry model), while Macs took a good tumble this quarter. Maintaining a recent trend, Services and Others have skyrocketed significantly in a year.

Here is the statement by the executive director (CEO) Tim Cook:

We are pleased to announce the best quarter of June in Apple's history, and our fourth consecutive quarter of growth with two digits. Our Q3 results were fueled by continued strong sales of iPhones, Services and Wearables, and we are very excited about the products and services that are coming out.

And that of the CFO Luca Maestri:

Our solid business performance led to revenue growth in each of our geographic segments, a net profit of US $ 11.5 billion and an operating cash flow of US $ 14.5 billion. We returned nearly US $ 25 billion to investors through our return on capital program during the quarter, including US $ 20 billion in share buybacks.

Looking forward to the fiscal fourth quarter 2018, Apple predicts revenue of $ 60-62 billion (already above what analysts were betting), gross margin between 38% and 38.5%, operating expenses between $ 7.95 and $ 8.05 billion, other revenues / (expenses) of $ 300 million and a tax rate of approximately 15%.

Apple's board of directors declared a cash dividend of $ 0.73 per share of the company, payable on August 16, 2018 to all shareholders registered at the end of business on August 13, 2018.

In a little while, starting at 6 pm, Apple will hold an audio conference to talk about these numbers and answer questions from the press. Afterwards, we will do a complete coverage with the highlights of what to roll over here in MacMagazine.

Update 07/31/2018 s 17:50

Wall Street's initial reaction to the numbers was good. In NASDAQ post-close trading, Apple's shares ($ AAPL) are rising 2.7%, what should your market cap beat the $ 960 billion.

Update II 07/31/2018 s 18:25

Negotiations remain hot, and rising well. At this time, $ AAPL is + 3.8% compared to the close of the day; if it opens the nail tomorrow at that level, its market value will be above $ 970 billion! The $ 1 rail is closer than ever.