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Apple Pay is expected to have half of payment system users by 2020

Despite the delay in expanding internationally, Apple has achieved secure leadership in the digital payment systems segment with a smooth application of Apple Pay in your home country. Now, the fruits of this initiative are coming, according to a note from the analysis firm Juniper Research.

Analyzing the situation of the main electronic payment platforms (and only those of electronics manufacturers ie Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and some others), the firm estimates that the segment should have 450 million users in 2020, and half of them must be using Apple's service at the expense of competition.

In addition to competitors from Ma, Samsung and Google, Juniper lists two payment systems from manufacturers that are emerging with some strength in the market: o Huawei Pay it's the Fitbit Pay. Neither should take the lead at any time, but they can contribute to the growth in the number of users and a general popularity of the practice of paying for things with your smartphone or wearable devices.

Juniper also estimates that by 2020, payments for these digital platforms will reach $ 300 billion which would represent about 15% of all contactless payments in stores around the world.

It is important, moreover, to distinguish between payment systems from manufacturers from other contactless methods. Especially in the United States, it is very common for stores and chains to have their own digital payment platforms, such as Walmart, Starbucks and the CVS pharmacy chain (we talked more about this in this post); in Europe, in turn, several credit and debit cards already make contactless payments. These methods are not part of Juniper's estimate.

Let's see if the forecasts will prove to be real.

via Apple World Today