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Apple maps: five new countries feature lane guidance and more airports are fully mapped

Occasionally, when I?m covering these expansions of Apple Maps, I like to repeat a cliché that seems to be pronounced exhausted l in the Apple Park room dedicated to the development of the app: slow and always. It is likely that engineers have given up any ambition to match Google Maps and have been content to continue working little by little, doing cute things in the middle of a coffee or other. Not everything in life will be number one, after all.

But I digress: the fact that Ma Maps has some more news, and the first of them is the expansion of the track guide, introduced in iOS 11 and with initial support only to the United States and China. Now, users of Apple's service on Germany, at Australia, at the Canada, at France and in UK You will also be able to take advantage of the tool, which places a visual representation of the tracks on the track you are driving on and indicates which one you should take to make the next maneuver particularly useful on very wide highways and avenues.

Apple Map Track Guide feature

In addition, within the Apple initiative to present internal schemes of large buildings of public interest, airports around the world are now fully mapped on company maps. Among them, we have those of Schnefeld and Tegelin Berlin, the Heathrow it's the Gatwickin London, the Schiphol, in Amsterdam, and the Geneva airport all are now fully registered with terminals, shops, restaurants, departure, arrival and security areas, luggage conveyors and restrooms.

Apple vanVan used by Apple to collect data for Maps

Finally, a novelty that does not represent the immediate addition of resources in the service, but a prospectus. According to this official Apple page, service maps of the Apple Maps are starting to run in Portugal and on Crocia, two countries where Cupertino's wheels never touched the ground. This is a process the company uses to collect data that allows for an improvement in the service, but even though the cars have camera equipment on their roof, there is still no sign that Apple will launch a Google Street View competitor in the near future. even so, the company makes it clear that it will ?blur faces and license plates in the images collected before publication?, that is, something may be coming through.

As usual, the full list of Apple Maps features and the locations where each one is available can be read here.

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