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Amazon Prime Video is now available for fourth and fifth generation Apple TVs! [atualizado: terceira geração também]

In late 2016, Amazon launched the Prime Video (service of streaming rival of Netflix and HBO GO) in Brazil. It arrived here costing only US $ 3 in the first six months of subscription (if it is made through the app available on the App Store; through the website, as the charge in reais, it costs only R $ 7.90), but something quite boring was the impossibility to watch the service catalog on Apple TV, since there was no application for the set-top box of Ma.

Today, that has changed!

Amazon Prime Video app icon

Six months after the announcement at WWDC'17, the app is finally available for fourth and fifth generation Apple TVs (4K). Just install this beauty on your device to enjoy series like ?Mr. Robot "," Seinfeld "," American Gods ", in addition to many films.

It is worth mentioning that the app (compatible with both iPhones, iPads and iPods touch and Apple TVs) has been updated and is now adapted for the iPhone X. It also has the universal search feature from Apple, but unfortunately it is not yet available on Brazil (not the fault of Amazon, but Apple even though it still limits the resource to a few countries).

Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video who knows, soon, we will also see an "Apple Video" coming by. We, the users, have only to gain from this increasingly heated market!

Amazon Fire TV Stick

On the other hand, a boring fight between Google and Amazon is hurting users. Variety, a Google spokesman said that since Amazon does not market Google products (such as Chromecast, Home and the Nest line) in its store and does not make Prime Video available to Google Cast users, they decided to apply the law of reciprocity and remove YouTube support from Echo Show and Fire TV; Amazon, meanwhile, said it now displays a web player which redirects users directly to the website and that ?Google is setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website?.

Obviously, companies are talking to see if they can reach an agreement, but the fight seems to be one of those

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

in Apple

Price view: from R $ 1,169.10Installed price: Add to cartRelease: September 2017 (5th generation)

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via MacRumors, Daring Fireball

Update 12/06/2017 s 14:34

The release note for version 5.0 of the app states that it is "compatible with Apple TVs of third generation or higher". Like this set-top box tvOS doesn?t run (and consequently doesn?t have an App Store) and is no longer sold by Ma, we imagine Amazon?s claim was just a mistake. But, no!

As we can see, Prime Video is available on Apple TV, launched in March 2012 and discontinued in October 2016.

A product that is abandoned by Apple, the company itself did not develop an Apple Music app for it, for example receiving such news. What a good surprise!

Amazon Prime Video on the TV app

Another novelty that, through press releases, Apple and Amazon confirmed that Prime Video will offer 4K / HDR titles and that the service is also compatible with the TV application (for now, unavailable here in Brazil).