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Almost half of Brazilian voters will be able to vote with a digital title in 2018; iPhone app will arrive in the coming weeks

Funny: a few weeks ago, talking about the launch of CNH Digital, I commented here on this simple website that I would like to see all the documents commonly used by Brazilians gaining electronic versions that would make life easier and always walk with us inside our esteemed smartphones. Well, it seems that the gods of convenience heard me, because less than a week later the Digital Work Card came up and now we have another document taking the electronic path: the Voter Title.

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) today launched the e-Title, an application that, as the name says, puts all your voter data on your smartphone. Just enter some information: full name, title number, father and mother's names, and date of birth for the app to be validated and work as an extension of the document; he still goes beyond the paper version of the title by displaying information on the electoral discharge situation, data on biometric registration and the address of his electoral zone on the cell phone screen (even with geolocation to guide him to the place).

There is also a QR code in the app to validate the electronic document at the time of voting and to show voter data instantly. As is well known, it is not necessary to present the title in the electoral zone (only a document with a photo), but the e-Title can greatly speed up the voting process, which you are writing, who was a midwife in the last elections, can attest that the change be very positive for the queues and the waiting time.

The e-Title will be available to all voters who have already completed biometric registration according to the TSE, about 47% of Brazilians eligible to vote have already completed the process and can download the application, which is already available on Google Play and reach the App Store in the coming weeks.

Best of all, the creation of the app was an internal initiative by TRE-AC (thanks, Acreanos!) And, according to TSE President Gilmar Mendes, not even an extra cent of public money was spent on its development. Excellent news and more digital documents to come!

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