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AirSnap by Twelve South protects the case of your AirPods in style

If we think about it, even a little funny we?re talking about a case for a case, but you see: AirPods case It is a fragile and important piece in its own right, and therefore deserves to be properly protected. Ah, because of its small size, it is also very easy to lose.

Taking all this into account, the AirSnap an acquisition to consider.

AirSnap, protective cover for TwelveSouth AirPods case

Produced by the famous accessory manufacturer Twelve South, the AirSnap is a very cute leather case whose main mission is to make sure you don't miss the blessed case and without losing your style. For this, she has a metal clip designed to attach her backpack, so that the case never leaves your sight (unless you lose your backpack, of course).

For easy access to the headphones themselves, the case has a flap attached by a magnetic button that way, you can simply open the AirSnap and the AirPods case, all at the same time. The lower part of the cover also has an opening for the Lightning door, which means that you can load the case without removing it from the protection.

AirSnap is available on the Twelve South website for $ 30 in versions Deep Teal (blue) and Black to back Cognac (brown) is in pre-sale and will start shipping on the 6th of next month. Nice, huh?

via MacRumors