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5 apps with mirror effect to make your photos more attractive

On social media, the more creative your photos are, the more likely they are to get likes and, who knows, gain more followers. One of the types of images that most call attention is the one that has the mirror effect, which can be achieved with an application on the cell phone.

AppGeek scoured the internet for the best current mirror apps. The options are not many, but take a look at the indications below and choose the one that best fits your expectations!

1. PhotoMirror

Mirror effect with PhotoMirror

Probably the best of the applications to create the mirror effect in your photos, with PhotoMirror you can mirror the image in any type of design, being able to give your photo several types of format, such as heart or leaf.

The app also allows the inclusion of colors and filters, giving more possibilities for your mirrored photos. You can also make special collages and add several photos to a single image to post on social networks.

However, the most interesting point of PhotoMirror is the creation of 3D mirrored photos. With this functionality, you can give the mirror effect to an image in a very original way, which can generate even more likes when the photo is posted.

To download PhotoMirror, click here.

2. Photo Mirror Pro

Photo Mirror Pro

Photo Mirror Pro is an easy-to-use app, but rich in features and with a modern look. When opening the program for the first time, the user is already faced with the Mirror option (mirror in free translation).

Touch it, choose the photo you want to mirror or take one right away. There are several mirroring options: side, top and bottom, with two or four images and much more. The user can also decide if he prefers the reflection to the right or to the left.

There is also 3D mirroring, which inserts images in shapes that appear to come out of the screen. In terms of editing, the app offers dozens of filters, borders and the possibility to insert emojis and stickers.

The result can be easily shared on Facebook, Instagram, among other programs.

To download Photo Mirror Pro, click here.

3. Mirror Photo

Mirror effect with Mirror Photo

This application aims to make your photos with mirror effect even more beautiful. For this, Mirror Photo has the option of blurring the background of the images, from each corner of the photo, creating a very attractive production!

In addition, in the app, you can include various stickers and emoji in a library with several options. Of course, Mirror Photo also brings several functions for editing, allowing the contrast and brightness to be adjusted, as well as the inclusion of color-based effects is quite interesting.

To download Mirror Photo, click here.

4. Mirror Photo Editor

Mirror Photo Editor

Mirror Photo is an easy-to-use app that translates into Portuguese. In the home screen, you will find the mirroring option, with which you can create a mirror effect in different directions, designs and formats.

The app also allows you to insert borders, stickers and text to enrich the assembly. Users can also adjust the saturation and brightness level, as well as include filters and overlays in the photo.

The result is an image the way you want it, even without having any knowledge of photo editing.

To download Mirror Photo Editor, click here.

5. Photo Grid

Mirror effect with Photo Grid

Photo Grid is a good image editor for you who are looking for mirror effects. Very complete and ready to make your photos more attractive, Photo Grid allows the mirror effect in several directions and modalities.

D to create collages with several photos, besides being able to join several images to include effects. There are also several backgrounds for selection and more than 100 filters to make your photo very interesting.

Furthermore, the application has the most varied features: in addition to photo collage, it is also possible to make video collage, choose live filters at the time of the photo, create a slideshow with music or a mosaic. You can still blur the background of your photos!

To download Photo Grid, click here.

With the applications above, you can achieve the mirror effect quickly and without curl. Perfect for anyone who wants to make that special post on Instagram or Facebook!

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