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15 virtual reality apps for you to enjoy your VR glasses

Do you have virtual reality glasses, but don't know how to get the most out of them? With VR glasses you can be transported to different locations and have the most diverse experiences with total immersion. Thinking about it, AppGeek indicates 15 apps for you to take the use of your glasses to the extreme!

With good apps for using these special glasses, you can watch movies as if you were actually in a movie theater, and even have some immersive games that can be great sources of fun.

Various types of experience are possible. And the best: without leaving home!

1. Google Cardboard

VR Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard

Developed by Google, Cardboard is a virtual reality platform made especially for smartphones. With the tool, you can find the most varied content to see and interact using your VR glasses.

In addition, users can create their own viewers, which can be done quickly and quite simply. Google makes specs available for the creations and also offers to purchase a prefabricated viewer.

With Google Cardboard, you can visit places around the world using Google Earth. In addition, you have access to exhibitions, immersive videos and various applications for you to have an incredible experience with virtual reality glasses!

To download Google Cardboard, select your operating system: Android / iOS.

2. Within

VR virtual reality with Within

One of the first applications developed for the use of VR glasses, with Within you have access to the most diverse types of content created with virtual reality technology. There are thousands of options for immersive experiences!

In the application, you can stay on top of music clips, short films and several videos that transport you to different locations, real or created virtually. a great option for those who want to get more out of their VR glasses.

There are also beautiful documents and images for you to have a unique, fun and quality experience. Another highlight is having a perception of cinematic virtual reality, with some doses of comedy.

To download Within, select your operating system: Android / iOS.

3. NextVR

VR virtual reality with NextVR

Aimed at those who like sports and want to watch tournaments and matches through virtual reality glasses, with NextVR you have access to the most diverse sports competitions in 360 videos!

There are many options to choose from, such as football matches, basketball, golf, American football, among many others. Everything is transmitted directly by the application in an immersive and attractive experience.

Of course, if you are not a sports person, the app also features other types of events, such as musicals and entertainment. Among the options, you can visit haunted places, which have evidence found in ghost hunts investigations!

To download NextVR, select your operating system: Android / iOS.

4. YouTube Videos in 360

VR virtual reality with YouTube

Obviously, YouTube could not be left out of our list. The most famous video platform in the world has a specific channel with 360 videos. The content is produced all over the world and has the most diverse experiences.

When selecting a video to watch with your VR glasses, you can immediately find yourself immersed in the film, as if you were in those places. As it is a platform powered by internet users from the most varied places on the planet, there are the most diverse immersive experiences.

You don't even have to download an app to start visiting places and doing lots of activities. Of course, if your phone does not have YouTube already installed, which is very difficult, you need to download the application to make use of virtual reality with 360 videos.

To download YouTube, select your operating system: Android / iOS.

5. Netflix


Netflix is ??another technology giant that makes an interesting use of virtual reality. With the platform application streaming, you have access to the entire movie collection and series to watch with your VR glasses!

However, the content will not be available in 360, as movies and series on Netflix are not designed to be immersive at this point. But you will be placed in a virtual room, escaping from reality and watching your favorite movies as if you were in a pleasant room.

To download Netflix, select your operating system: Android / iOS.

6. Facebook 360


Mark Zuckerberg's social network is ready to display 360 content through virtual reality glasses. Although it does not seem very attractive, Facebook has several content provided by users who are immersive.

When using VR glasses for on the social network, the news feed will be adapted to give priority to this type of content, showing the most varied immersive experiences for you! Between photos and videos, you stay inside the images.

Another interesting point is to be able to search for content created specifically for virtual reality technology, even if they are not from your friends or from pages you have enjoyed. Perfect for a fun experience!

To download Facebook, select your operating system: Android / iOS.

7. VISO Places

VR virtual reality with VISO Places

VISO Places is a very attractive app, because with Google Street View, you are transported to various places and tourist attractions around the world! D to become a tourist without leaving your home, and within minutes.

As it is an immersive travel experience, it is possible to view points of interest from various angles, having an overview of what is before your eyes. All this without leaving the couch!

The app is a way for you to be able to plan for that dream trip or, who knows, find new destinations before buying tickets. With integration with Wikipedia, you still have more information about the places you see.

To download VISO Places, click here.

8. VirtualSpeech VR

Virtual reality with Virtual Speech VR

If you, like many others, are shy and have difficulties when speaking in public, VirtualSpeech VR is the right application to overcome this barrier in your social life. The tool's proposal really helps you lose your shyness when speaking to an audience and assist you in your speech.

The app features unique virtual places and lessons where users can improve their public speaking skills and abilities. To lose the shame when presenting a work or project, there is an audience, so you already train!

a very interesting proposal. After all, nowadays, with the advent of the internet and social networks, many people feel virtually comfortable, but end up having serious difficulties when having to speak to many people in person. Unfortunately, the app is only available in English.

To download VisualSpeech VR, select your operating system: Android / iOS.

9. Paint VR

Virtual reality with Paint VR

No, this is not an application created by Microsoft. However, Paint VR is a great option if you are looking to create drawings and want to do it in the most immersive and attractive way possible.

With the app, you create three-dimensional images, making it possible to view all the details of your work of art from all angles. This way, you can adjust everything you need before printing or posting the result to friends.

For an even more incredible experience, the application allows you to draw in the void, without needing a surface so you can start creating. You do everything with your hand movements!

To download Paint VR, click here.

10. Heavenly Charter

VR virtual reality with the Celestial Chart

This is a great app for those who love astronomy or are interested in knowing more about the Universe. With the Celestial Charter, you transport yourself to the constellations and stay close to the stars. That is, you can travel through space without leaving the room!

The app brings information about each of the stars you see. There is also the option of approaching celestial bodies and exploring the planets of the Solar System. a true space immersion experience for astronomy lovers.

In addition to all this, it is possible to review important space missions, such as the arrival of the man Moon and the exploration of the Red Planet by Mars Rover. The application provides a unique feeling of being a tourist in the Universe!

To download the Celeste Chart, select your operating system: Android / iOS.

For those who want more fun and games

The above applications are already a good source of fun. But if you are looking for more, we also recommend some games for you to get the most out of your VR glasses and have a much more interesting video game experience!

11. Dark Days

VR Dark Days virtual reality game

Horror games are one of the most sought after experiences for those who have virtual reality glasses. After all, who hasn't thought that he could do very well in a horror movie? Who knows better than the protagonists, right? So here's your chance to taste it!

With puzzle mechanics and a lot of psychological suspense, Dark Days keeps the player immersed in the story, with the atmosphere created by the experience and the plot being the highlights of the game.

So that, even in fear, you have a great gaming session, Dark Days does not focus on bringing very long or impossible challenges, which could leave the player stuck in the same place for a very long time. The application avoids this hassle, making you follow the story without too many problems. But with several scares along the way!

To download Dark Days, click here.

12. InMind VR

VR virtual reality game InMind

It is not new that virtual reality glasses arrived to provide us with "trips" to incredible places and fantastic universes. That said, InMind VR is one of the best games intended for the use of technology.

In the app, you take on the role of a nanorob, whose mission is to eradicate a virus that attacks people's brains, threatening to become an unprecedented epidemic. The adventure is quite psychedelic and, immediately, already gives us a feeling of being walking among neurons.

With easy and intuitive controls, you can aim at your enemies with head movements and shoot with a single glance. Very interesting for those who want a high quality immersive experience!

To download InMind VR, select your operating system: Android / iOS.

13. Sky Fighter: Training Day

VR Sky Fighter virtual reality game

If you've always been interested in flying and wanted to have that experience, Sky Fighter: Training Day is the perfect app for you to do it! With the app, you have a fleet to command, your character being a pilot in training.

With a jet pack, it is possible to control the flight with head movements. To make things more attractive (or complicated), there are several obstacles for you to dodge and several targets to hit with shots.

Clearly, the experience will not cause the feeling that you are actually flying, as you will be playing from the couch. However, a great way to understand how virtual reality games work and, for sure, have fun!

To download Sky Fighter: Training Day, click here.

14. Jurassic VR

VR Jurassic virtual reality game

Not surprisingly, the return of the Parque dos Dinossauros franchise to the cinema would inspire several games and products. And virtual reality glasses could not be left out. With Jurassic VR, you have an extremely immersive experience, being able to visit the park and face the giants.

The Jurassic VR transports you to the dinosaurs in a very attractive way, being possible to come face to face with the T-Rex or other reptiles as scary as they are! But calm down, there is no risk that you will be eaten when you encounter one of these animals.

In the virtual forest, the experience is a way for you to learn more about dinosaurs, relying on sounds of nature and interaction with the animals you encounter. Perfect for those who always dreamed of visiting the Dinosaur Park without fear of being eaten!

To download Jurassic VR, select your operating system: Android / iOS.

15. Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR

Suicide Squad virtual reality game

Not the most loved superhero movie in the world, but the experience with this game based on the Suicide Squad movie developed for amazing virtual reality glasses!

In the game, you can control the Harlequin, Gunman or El Diablo villains and go out and face your enemies. For everything to go well, you can use baseball bats and rifles. Interesting for those who want a lot of action with VR glasses!

The application proposal is good, but it is worth remembering: it is not a content aimed at children. So if you are going to play using your glasses a little, this is not a recommended app.

To download Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR, click here.

These indications are just some of the most diverse possibilities you can have with your virtual reality glasses. As the technology seems to have arrived to stay, many other options are also available, but with the apps above you can have incredible experiences, traveling without leaving your home!

With immersion in virtual reality and thirst for more content, discover 8 VR experiences for you to explore the world of virtual reality in an unprecedented way! There are even some apps for series and movie addicts that you need to take a look at. Then, watch it all with your VR glasses!