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10 tips for you to make your Instagram Stories much more attractive

Instagram Stories is one of the most popular functions of the social network. The instantaneous posts were the taste of Internet users and making good use of Stories is a strategy for those who do not want just more followers, but engagement and interaction with friends and fans of the profile. With that in mind, AppGeek has prepared a list of 10 tips for you to rock Instagram Stories!

With a wide variety of its own features, Instagram Stories allows the posting of photos and videos, which can be edited so that texts and other interesting content can be included in the post.

In addition, it is also possible to use third-party applications to boost the posts, so that your videos and temporary photos are even more attractive.

Instagram on mobile smartphone

1. Use Stories as a slideshow

Instagram Stories is not the best option for those who want to post very detailed texts, with many characters. The function, in fact, is more like a content slideshow. It is a way for you to share things about your daily life in a succinct and attractive way.

So, when creating a story to post on the social network, take into account that thinking about Stories as a slideshow can help you create posts that are much more appealing, with a lot of content, even if with little text. Remember college days or projects presented at work: be clear, direct and consistent.

Instagram Stories was made so that you can merge photos, videos and texts, include details for more information and stickers to animate the post. Thus, you have content that can be much more relevant to your followers and fans.

After all, who doesn't like to open a story and know exactly what's going on without being bombarded with text and other details? Try looking at Instagram Stories in a different way from now on!

2. Do not discard hashtags and location

To make your story easier to find, don't forget to keep using hashtags and the geolocation of where the story takes place. This is important for Instagram to show your post to potential followers, who may be looking for the terms highlighted by you.

Although it is not possible to insert multiple hashtags in Instagram Stories, unlike posts in the social network feed, you have the option of including them in the story itself, as well as showing the location.

Insert hashtags and location in Instagram Stories

Of course, everything is customizable and the final decision is yours, but if you want to get more followers, take this into account: who is not seen, is not remembered. So, do not discard the hashtags and the location to be found!

3. Include music in posts

There is a very interesting function of Instagram Stories in partnership with Spotify: you can share a song you are listening to on the social network. With that, you can show your followers your musical taste or indicate a song for important moments for you and your fans.

  • On Spotify, just click the share button (usually linked to a specific song) and choose the Instagram Stories option. On the screen, the Stories function will automatically appear.
  • It is possible to include text, stickers, colors, among other options.
  • In order for your followers to hear the music, they need to click on the story photo to be directed to Spotify.

Spotify music on Instagram Stories

However, if you want to insert music as background of your stories, use an application that fulfills this function. AppGeek indicates InShot and Lapse It, both full of features, such as including music at the bottom of your posts and several other attractive options.

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4. Long stories can be boring

With so much content on the social network, being bored with a very long Stories can be even normal. However, if someone gets tired of what you are posting, go on to the stories in the next profile quickly, since it is possible to set aside content with the simple slide of your finger.

So do not forget that a long story can cause this inconvenience. It is ideal to post dynamic Stories, which will catch the attention of your followers, but do not bore them. Remember that not everyone has time to see 15 photos, covered in text and stickers. Have common sense!

If you really need to tell a long story, do it through a post on the regular Instagram feed. There, you can post several photos and a well-prepared text for publication. Much better for important events that deserve more attention and attention.

Leave Stories for more dynamic and quick-view posts!

5. Broadcast live

Live streaming on Instagram Stories

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Engagement the word of the day for those who want success on Instagram. For that, nothing better than having almost personal contact with your followers and fans.

A live broadcast fulfills this role well: in addition to having priority, because Instagram puts the broadcast in focus, followers receive a warning that you are starting a live.

The video generated in the transmission will also be on the air for 24 hours, then disappear. Obviously, it is important that you save the recording so that you don't lose it and have it available if you want to review what you've been talking about on the social network.

Don't be shy! Start doing lives right now to increase engagement and, who knows, gain new followers and fans.

6. Save Stories on your smartphone

Saving your stories on your cell phone, besides being safe, is very useful. First, if there is an error on Instagram, you can avoid having to redo the entire Stories. In addition, having saved content allows sharing on other social networks, such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat.

If you also want to make changes to a story to repost later, it will be much easier if you know exactly what you want to change or include. Thus, posting a new Stories based on previously posted content is simpler and faster!

7. Take surveys

Another way to always be in contact with your followers and fans in a more personalized way is to create polls. With this option, you can ask questions in your Stories to be answered by Internet users.

Poll on Instagram Stories

D to create questions or answers to choose from, or to create a sliding poll, in which you can measure the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction on a given subject. Perfect for those who want to do research among fans about the next adventure or story to tell!

8. Start scheduling Stories

On Instagram itself, there is no option to schedule posts and Stories. But all is not lost! With several applications currently available, scheduling a post is one of the simplest things to do.

The advantages of publishing schedules are several: knowing the times that your followers use the network the most, you can post at key times to generate more engagement. Furthermore, it is important for when you have an appointment or a scheduled trip and cannot be active on the social network.

Just choose the best times for publication and schedule, generating interaction on your profile even when you are not there! AppGeek has already listed some of the best apps for Instagram and indicates the Managementgram, which is free and very easy to use. Start scheduling Stories right now!

Manage to schedule post on Instagram Stories

9. Insert links in your Stories

At first, inserting links in Instagram Stories can be seen as useful only for companies and brands that want to advertise any promotion or campaign. However, you can insert links to content relevant to your followers, such as an article on your blog or the portfolio on your website.

Interesting for those who want to post more than stories, links allow interested parties to know better the content you publish and be in contact with your profile.

Important: in order for you to insert links in your stories, you need to have a verified profile or a business account with at least 10,000 followers. If you do not count on this, the chain icon will not be available.

To insert links in Stories is very easy:

  • Touch Your story and select the content to be used;
  • Click on the cone with two interlaced chains;
  • Type or paste the URL of the page you want to direct your followers to;
  • Publish!

10. Participate in your followers' Stories

Instagram Social Network

Never forget that Instagram is a social network and one of the most valuable tips to get involved in other people's posts.

Engagement with followers and fans is crucial for them to maintain interest in their stories. Connecting with the public is a motivator so that the level of engagement on your page grows and, with that, gain new followers.

So don't forget: view Stories from followers, visit profiles, like, comment, share. Be in touch with your fans. So you can remind them about your profile in a pleasant and useful way.

And, let's face it, who likes those boring Internet users who just want likes and followers, right? So, do your part!

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