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★ Learn how to “fix” an iPhone stuck in recovery mode

If you have Apple devices, you've certainly heard of recovery mode (recovery mode) or even already had to face it.

The recovery mode on Ma devices is a method designed to protect the iOS system and prevent damage to the device's hardware in the event of software failures. It is not uncommon for the device to become stuck in this mode at some point, as it appears when it is necessary to ?fix? something.

The lack of knowledge about the system or the experience of some users can sometimes cause this situation. But luckily, there are specialized programs that help to correct this as well as other iOS system errors, such as the lock on the Apple logo, in headset mode, and on a black, white or red screen.

All-in-one solutions are very useful and surpass iTunes in terms of practicality. One of them FoneLab System Repair, the Aiseesoft developed to repair the system of iPhones, iPads and / or iPod touch.

FoneLab System Repair has different modes of repair and its main objective is to repair the system without partial or total loss of data. However, for more serious errors, a more in-depth repair may be necessary, which will result in the restoration of the device and the deletion of data. But don't worry! The software will warn you if this is the case and you will always have the option of not moving on.

The program repairs the iPhone easily and in a few clicks. The entire intuitive process and users with more or less experience can use the tool without difficulty. In addition, the software is compatible with all models of iPhones (except X, for now) with the latest version of iOS and has versions for macOS and Windows.

FoneLab System Repair

The interface and the process are very simple: after downloading the program and connecting the device to the Mac / PC with a USB cable, just click More tools Recover iOS system Start. Next, a new window will ask you to confirm the model of the device and the version of iOS for which you want it to be updated. After informing, click on Repair. Typically, the latest version compatible with your device model will be the one suggested, but you can use the program to downgrade and install an earlier version of iOS, if you prefer (and if Apple still allows it, since it is in sometime it stops ?signing? these old iOS).

FoneLab System Repair

Then, the program will begin to repair the iPhone stuck in recovery mode or any other system error. During the repair, FoneLab System Repair warns that the device must not be disconnected during the process, as this can cause an error. When the process is complete, your iPhone will return to normal!

FoneLab System Repair

Repairing your phone at home, without losing data, is now possible with this software. In addition, the tool is also an excellent ally to reverse jailbreak or downgrades. As an extra point, the setup includes the option to recover lost data, which is sold separately, but does not need the installation of other software, read more about FoneLab here.

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Are you quick? Then guess the character that is speaking in the image below and take home a FoneLab or FoneLab System Repair license! ?

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Obviously, to find out if you got it right, you need to type in the key and test the character that is missing from the software license activation window itself. These are only valid in their macOS versions, okay?

But one of each, huh?