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★ 40 video and photo editors to use on Mac or iPhone

Even though Windows computers and Android smartphones are the majority and are also sufficient to edit quality images and videos, it is undeniable that Apple devices stand out when it comes to working with image and video.

While working on the Mac ensures greater performance, especially when rendering videos, the iPhone camera is also becoming very interesting and generates great quality photos. If you are looking for a new software or application to create images and videos for your work as a freelancer and or simply create videos for social networks to gain more followers on Instagram, check out our complete list below with 40 video and photo editors to use on Mac or iPhone!

Video editors for Mac

1. iMovie

The Mac's native video editor. Allowing to work in a wide range of resolutions including 4K, iMovie also has a tool for building trailers, ideal for those who are producing some type of digital product such as games, movies or product advertisements. It has simple tools and a good option for beginners, also counting on the possibility to share your creations and editions directly to your profile on social networks.

iMovie for Mac

2. Movavi

Uncomplicated and functional, Movavi is a video editor for Mac that allows you to record directly through the software, without the need to import the recording to then work on it. During editing, the program itself helps the user to perform simple operations, such as cutting excerpts from the video, adding music and special effects, among others. Learn more and start using Movavi by clicking here.

3. Soapbox

Not necessarily Mac software, Soapbox is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that also works on the operating system. At the click of a button, the user can record the PC screen and the image of his webcam in an interleaved or simultaneous way, being able to edit the video afterwards. It is also ideal for beginners in editing images and videos and can be downloaded via the link.

4. Final Cut Pro

One of the easiest and easiest to use video editors for Mac. With an organized interface, the learning curve of the available tools is quite short, allowing even novices to make quality edits after a few hours of exploring the software.

Like iMovie, Final Cut Pro was also developed by Apple, being a paid solution with more features than its free counterpart. Learn more about Final Cut Pro on its page on the App Store.

5. Filmora Video Editor

Easy to use, the Wondershare video editor is also a good option for those who want to invest in software. Despite its high price ($ 60), Filmora is easy to use, in addition to having a lot of educational material inside the application itself, without having to search Google or YouTube for tutorials.

Filmora Video Editor

Among the features, we can highlight the video stabilization, which corrects shaky videos, a library of texts and titles to use during editing and a series of overlays and own filters of the software, among others. Find out more about Filmora on its Mac application page.

6. Cute CUT Pro

One of the few video editors for Mac that allows the user to draw on top of the videos, as if he were doing Stories on Instagram. In addition, it is possible to create a movie using only the drawings made in the software, that is, Cute CUT Pro also ends up allowing you to make simple animations.

The application has integration with Dropbox and allows you to share your creation directly on Facebook or YouTube. Its only revs that still do not allow editing and recording videos in 4K, being limited to Full HD. Find out more about Cute CUT Pro by accessing the link.

Cute CUT Pro

7. Jing

Aimed at making screen captures or recordings, Jing is a perfect program for making small edits of what you are doing on your computer. It allows, for example, to record a short video teaching how to use an app, touching up some defects or periods of silence before posting it on your YouTube channel or to your workgroup. Jing is free and can be downloaded via the link.

8. Kap

Like Jing, Kap is an alternative for recording your screen and making small edits. It is one of the best apps for creating content for social networks, given its ease of creating GIFs and videos in MP4 format, both of which can be shared on Facebook or Instagram. Download Kap on their website.

9. Video ToolBox

One of the few video editor options that works right from the browser. However, the Video ToolBox is somewhat limited, allowing video editing up to 600MB. Other than that, it allows users to export the video in various formats and the option of including their own watermark with creations, in addition to the common options for merging or cutting parts of the project. Click on the link to find out how Video ToolBox works.

Video ToolBox

10. Camtasia Studio

One of the most complete video editors for Mac. Despite its high price ($ 199), it allows its users to create and edit their videos without leaving the editing screen. It is one of the best for recording videos from your computer screen, in addition to having an organized and easy-to-use interface.

This makes Camtasia a viable option even for someone unfamiliar to understand and navigate the features without major problems. Find out more about the software on its website, which offers 30-day free trials for new users.

IPhone video editors

11. Magisto

A free app for those who need to edit videos on the iPhone. Magisto turns photos taken on your iPhone camera into short video clips, allowing you to include a soundtrack to be shared on social media.


It also allows you to include other videos in the sequence and has several filters and effects that can be applied before finishing the work. Click on the link to learn more about Magisto, which has free and paid plans.

12. iMovie for iPhone

Although native to the Mac, iMovie also has a software version for the iPhone. The smartphone version allows you to use the 3D Touch available from the iPhone 6s to start new projects or view previews of your creations in the app. With regard to tools, the application brings options for models, filters and music to add to your videos, in addition to effects such as slow camera and split screen, among others.

In addition, iMovie on the iPhone allows synchronization with the Mac version through iCloud and you can also upload your creations to social networks directly from it. Download the mobile version of iPhone from the App Store.

User editing video on iMovie with an iPad Pro

13. Perfect Video

Focused on editing and slideshow in video format. It allows you to gather photos and other videos in the composition of your files, in addition to allowing you to create square videos to fit the Instagram format or speed up and slow down the display, among many other tools.

Perfect Video is free, but has features premium in the paid version, such as the possibility to insert Chroma Key or adjust colors and split screen display. Click on the link to know Perfect Video.

14. Cute CUT

Mobile version of the editing software mentioned in the list of editors for Mac, Cute CUT can also be used on iPhone and iPad. Just like editing for computers, mobile has the main function of the original, which will allow you to make drawings and paintings on your videos.


It allows you to import video and photo files for your compositions, in addition to 30 types of tools for painting along with common editing tools. Download Cute CUT for iPhone through the link.

15. Clipper

For the purpose of helping your users to create mini clips from larger video files, Clipper can be a good option for quick editing or creating ad trailers. Using it is quite simple: import the video, segment the sections you are going to use and choose a song available in the app collection. Access the link to make small video edits with Clipper.

16. Splice

One of the few video editors for iPhone compatible with videos made on GoPro, Splice is considered the official app to set up details of videos produced by the camera. Through the touch screen, users will be able to crop the video, include transitions and effects, in addition to applying filters and adjusting background colors, among others.

If you have a GoPro, we strongly recommend that you download Splice to your phone. Click the link to download Splice.


17. LumaFusion

If the majority of video editing apps for iPhone are aimed at more casual users looking to create videos for their social media profiles, LumaFusion goes the other way. He brings 3 audio tracks and 3 more video tracks for his works, in addition to previews in real time.

Its animations, filters and transitions are also of great quality and aimed at professionals in the area of ??video content. Access the link to learn more about LumaFusion.

18. Quik

Quik is another iPhone application for GoPro users. It allows you to select up to 200 of your photos and videos produced by the camera in just one project. The application has a system that analyzes the best images and moments of the video, in addition to faces to adjust the focus of the recording.

It also has a collection of up to 80 songs for free use by the user. However, it is also possible to import your music collection from iTunes or iCloud, also allowing you to use them in the production of your video. Learn more about Quik on the App Store through the link.


19. LumaFX

From the same developers of LumaFusion, LumaFX is a more simplified solution than the original application, best suited for quick video editing on the iPhone. It allows you to make small corrections to a video, adjusting when you have taken the iPhone in the wrong way at the time of recording and things like saturation, shadows or applying a filter, for example. Click the link to download LumaFX.

20. Adobe Spark

In addition to Photoshop, Adobe also has a good solution for editing images and videos on the Mac. Spark allows you to include several video and audio clips for editing, in addition to text layers, perfect for those who create subtitled videos.

Adobe Spark

Although free, Adobe Spark leaves a watermark on videos created by him, being removed only when purchasing the paid edition. Learn more about Adobe Spark on the App Store.

Mac image editors

21. Photos for Mac

A simple and unblemished image editing application for Mac. Native to the operating system, it does not offer complex features and an attractive option for those who are looking to start learning on Mac image editing. Among the features, we highlight synchronization with the iCloud and your Facebook account, allowing you to share your creations directly from the app.

Mac photos

22. GIMP

GIMP is one of the most popular image editing applications in the world, rivaling Photoshop. On the other hand, the program is not the most suitable for those who are starting to edit photos, since there are not many official manuals or tutorials on the use of GIMP.

This type of material is necessary because the GIMP has some tools that are too advanced. Still, it can be downloaded for free through the link and has a large community of users, who exchange tips and tricks on using the program.

23. Stencil

A web image editor, Stencil can be accessed on the link and is one of the best options for those working exclusively with the goal of increasing their number of followers on Instagram. one of the most complete image editors to use on the Mac, with an extensive number of tools and templates to work on. Its free plan allows the creation of up to 10 images per month, with the option of closing paid subscription.


24. Adobe Photoshop

With no differences from the Windows version, Adobe Photoshop is the standard application for those who want to edit images professionally. The best known software brings the same tools already known, which allow you to change your photos in an amateur way through simple features such as cropping, moving, enlarging or rotating.

The application also brings advanced tools for professionals, allowing them to change every single detail of an image. If you were already curious to learn more about these functions, it is worth remembering that Adobe has a YouTube channel in English with several tutorials on its main platform, available on its website.

25. Canva

Accessible through web browsers, Canva is one of the main options for those who need to create images but do not have knowledge in software, such as Photoshop itself mentioned above. With mechanics to grab and drag elements, you can edit and create your own images without any major problems.

Canva has a good number of elements and styles to use in your images, in addition to having free and paid plans, suitable for different types of users. Click on the link to access and start testing Canva, one of the best image creation apps for social networks.

26. Pixelmator

One of the best alternatives to Photoshop for Mac with a lower subscription price than the Adobe application. Pixelmator also brings dedicated tools for professional image editing, but it stands out for its synchronization options with iCloud.

Pixelmator for Mac

One of its particularities is the possibility of continuing its work in its version for iPad, allowing to exchange its work between the Apple tablet and the computer. Click the link to learn more about Pixelmator.

27. Affinity Photo

Also rivaling Photoshop, Affinity Photo allows users to work with virtually any type of image, from simple JPG and PNG to more advanced formats, such as RAW, TIFF and SVG. Another great advantage is the possibility of also working with Photoshop (PSD) files, making it a height substitute if you are not an Adobe editor fan. Access the link to know Affinity.

28. Gliffy

Unlike most of the programs shown in this list, Gliffy is an application specialized in editing infographics, flowcharts and diagrams, among other types of similar material. Working from the browser, it is possible to invite other users to work on editing your graphics. Click on the link and start using Gliffy.


29. iPiccy

Another web application for photo editing, iPiccy has three main pillars: photo editing, collage making and graphic design. Each of these can be accessed separately, allowing either access to different editing tools or a place to create your own effects and templates to use in your work. Best of all, iPiccy can be used for free. Access the app page and start using it right now.

30. BeFunky

Finalizing the list of image editors for Mac, we present another image editor that can be used through browsers. BeFunky facilitates the creation of images and quick collages for publication on social networks, but it also has a graphic design module, useful for beginners. Click on the link to use BeFunky.

IPhone image editors

31. Camera +

Expanding the functions of the iPhone's native camera app, Camera + is a fantastic photography app. It allows you to better control the clarity of your photos, separately adjusting the focus and exposure of the image. In addition, the app allows frontal flash on iPhones where the function is not native and brings more effects that you can include in the photos taken through it. The app costs $ 2.99 on the App Store.


32. Adobe Photoshop Mix

A version of the world's most popular image editing software, Adobe Photoshop Mix, available for free on the App Store. With functions similar to the original app, it allows you to cut and paste images on top of each other, using the classic layer structure common to the program.

One of the functions recently added to the mobile application is the possibility of including layers in text. This increases its usefulness, making it the ideal application for making small changes when you are not near a computer.

33. Path On

Path On is one of the best apps for those who want to include text in their photos. Allowing words to be included in almost any type of format, whether in a square, rectangle or even circles, the app has around 300 fonts that you can use in your writing. In addition, Path On also has exclusive effects that you can add to your photos on your iPhone or iPad. Click on the link to learn more about Path On.

34. Prism

The most popular app for anyone who wants to turn their photos into works of art. Editing your photos with the styles of famous artists, including the world-famous Pablo Picasso, among many others. Without the need to know how to edit photos, Prisma serves as a fun option, inserting effects that are difficult to create in photo editing software. Access the link to learn more about Prisma on the App Store.


35. My Sketch

Working in a similar way to Prisma, My Sketch differentiates itself by allowing you to create your own works of art yourself. Through 20 types of pencils, a user can change their photos by printing their style on an image taken by the iPhone's camera.

Through its algorithm, My Sketch helps users to correct the drawing, avoiding shaking or minor accidents during the drawing, making it friendly even for those who are not professional artists. Download My Sketch by accessing the link.

36. Perfect365

Perfect for those who want to correct imperfections in photographs, Perfect365 allows its users to add makeup to virtually their photos. It is also possible to remove dark circles from the photos and use about 20 types of virtual makeup like lipsticks, eyeliner and eyeshadow, among others. The application is free and can be downloaded directly from the App Store.

37. Pixlr Mobile

Originally an image editing application for browsers, Pixlr has expanded to mobile devices, with an iPhone application. A free app, it allows its users to remove imperfections such as red eyes or unwanted blemishes.


When editing images, it allows you to perform simple tasks such as moving elements, cropping and resizing, in addition to using the same layer structure as Photoshop, being easily used by those already familiar with Adobe software. Click the link to download Pixlr on your smartphone.

38. VSCO

A kind of alternative to Instagram, VSCO is a social network for photographers. The camera of your application has more quality than the native app of the iPhone, and it has more filter options than the rival social network. In addition, it is also possible to make cuts in the images and publish them on other social media. See more about VSCO on its page on the App Store.

39. Snapseed

Among the most popular apps for editing images on the iPhone. Its popularity is mainly due to its ease of use, which does not require editing knowledge to be used. But this simplicity does not mean that Snapseed has few tools, quite the contrary.

Among the main ones, we highlight the possibility of changing the exposure level, adjusting color, in addition to simpler tasks such as cropping and resizing. Its collection of filters is also worth downloading the application, available on the App Store.


40. Enlight

Also considered one of the best image editors for iPhone, Enlight appeals to those who need to make simple edits or who want something more artistic in their creations. Among the features, the app has smart photo correction, tools for including drawings, borders and text and various effects, such as black and white filters or effects that simulate works of art as seen in Prisma or transforming your photos into drawings. Click on the link to get to know Enlight.

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