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Wow: iPhone X owners can't use Face ID to approve Family Sharing purchases

As soon as Apple launched the iPhone X, many questions about the Face ID emerged. To calm things down, the company answered questions by its executives and also in a specific support document for that. Even so, there is a situation that has been left out, but has just been "discovered".

According to the Ars Technica, several users of the new Apple device registered complaints in the forum of Ma, stating that it is not possible to carry out Family Sharing purchases with Face ID.

iPhone X from the front unlocked by Face ID

With the sharing of purchases, children for example can ask for authorization from the person responsible for the account (father, mother, etc.) to buy or not any content, whether apps, movies, among others. Once the purchase order is placed, it appears on the screen of the person responsible and, if the device has the Touch ID, it can be used to grant the purchase permission very easily.

This possibility, however, was lost with the arrival of Face ID, which can even be used as an authentication method in the system, but apparently does not work to approve purchases of Family Sharing. Instead, iPhone X users must always enter their Apple ID passwords manually and, as we know, the intention is that they are preferably complex to maintain security; therefore, typing it several times can be quite unpleasant for those who have large families and need to authorize purchases constantly.

Looking at the complaints made by users, many feel that this is just an error or, perhaps, a feature that has not yet been adapted for Face ID. Apple has not commented on the case so far, but as it has already made it clear that close family members, with very similar traits, could perhaps ?trick? Face ID which has already been proven, this may be a of the reasons for the decision not to enable the form of authentication for family purchases.

So, is this a mistake or an option from Apple? What do you think?

via The Verge