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Which cards are accepted by Bradesco and Banco do Brasil on Apple Pay?

As we reported earlier today, the wait is finally over for customers in the Bradesco It's from Bank of Brazil, who now join those of Banco Ita as the lucky ones who can already use the Apple Pay in our country.

At Ita, Apple Pay is already accepted with any Visa or Mastercard credit card. In the two new banks, unfortunately only Visa cards are accepted Mastercard, American Express, Elo and others have been left for later.

Therefore, they are accepted:

  • Bank of Brazil: any Ourocard Visa card (Elo will be coming soon), with the great advantage that, in the case of multiple cards, purchases can also be made in debit mode in physical stores (it seems that only debit cards cannot yet be purchased) registered). Cooperative, Saraiva, Petrobras and Smiles cards are also accepted.
  • Bradesco: All Visa credit cards from individual customers are eligible, as well as owners of PoupCard Visa cards (which work as a debit). The Elo flag, Next, additional and multiple cards are expected to enter by October.

Trading in kids, Ita has the Mastercard banner as a great differential (in addition to its late exclusivity period), while BB is the first and only one that supports multiple cards with payments in debt. For now, there is no information about other national banks joining the game.

Now that you know which cards are accepted, check out our tutorial on how to add a card to Apple Pay and also see some of the many locations where it is already accepted.

And happy shopping! ?