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WhatsApp will stop working on old Android and iOS versions soon

WhatsApp crashes on old Android and iOS versions soon

In December last year, WhatsApp ended support on Windows Phone, Microsoft's old mobile operating system. Now, we know that the messenger will also stop working on a few million Android and iOS smartphones as of February 1.

After that date, devices with Android 2.3.7 (or lower versions) and iOS 8 (or lower versions) will not be able to access WhatsApp. According to the company, this measure is necessary to protect the safety of users, in addition to being a way to cut expenses, after all, there is no point in continuing to update the app for old and little used systems.

Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight, said in a statement: "WhatsApp clearly had no alternative but to guarantee the security of its service, but it faces the difficult side effect of the application not being more compatible with older smartphones. this will have an impact on a part of its users, mainly in emerging markets, where there is a high proportion of older devices ".

WhatsApp, which recently hit 2 billion users worldwide, began to alert its users to these changes in support as early as 2017, so they come as no surprise. "It was a tough decision for us, but it was the right decision," said a company spokesman.

The messenger team asks users to update their smartphones to a newer version, so that they can continue using the service as normal. However, certain devices, like the iPhone 4, for example, were left on iOS 7, so upgrading it is not an option. Therefore, owners will have to purchase a newer model.