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Video: how to block phone numbers and contacts on iPhone

Believe it or not: in the early days of the iPhone, it was not possible to select phone numbers and / or contacts and block them, in order not to receive a spam message that thinks about arriving every day for you or the annoying call of that contact that you marked in the calendar just to not answer any more.

Currently, iOS allows this to be done in a good way, both for posts how much for FaceTime calls (audio / video) and calls over operator networks. Want to know how? just watch the video above. ?

It is worth noting that, in the case of a common call, the blocked contact / number can still leave a message in your mailbox (you, however, will not receive any notification), since this is not something controlled by Apple but by your operator . It is also worth noting that messages sent by the blocked contact / number will simply not be delivered and, in addition, the contact will not receive any notification stating that the call or message has been blocked (which is good).

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