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Video brings complete Mac Pro unboxing in its rack version

A few weeks ago, Apple started selling the back rack of the new Mac Pro in the United States neither it nor the normal ones are still sold in Brazil.

The internal components of the Mac Pro are exactly the same, but the rack version costs $ 500 more (R $ 4,000, here) and has a differentiated housing, as well as special rails for installation in server racks.

In the following video, Neil Parfitt composer who works professionally with audio brings a unboxing complete version of this special version of the new Mac Pro:

If the Mac Pro is already a niche computer, this rack version is certainly for the few. Then a complete video is so useful to quench our curiosity of how it is. ?

Alis, the MacStadium all Mac-based hosting company has already received its first Mac Pro unit in rack version as well:

Not bad!

via iClarified, 9to5Mac