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Users complain about Macs that are waking up to maximum brightness

Some owners of Macs are complaining about problems with their monitors related to the brightness level of the screen when waking up the machine. According to reports, certain displays are waking up to maximum brightness which, depending on which monitor you use, can be very clear.

According to Mac Performance Guide, it was initially believed that the problem affected 5K monitors from LG, but soon new reports emerged from users who have other displays, including the new (and glorious) Pro XDR Display, from Apple.

MacOS Catalina 10.15 bug: LG's 5K display reset to maximum brightness at each reboot: when I wake up my Mac Pro, it sets the Pro Display XDR to maximum brightness (500 nits).

In addition to external displays, apparently the problem is also occurring with MacBook screens, as reported by John Gruber, of Daring Fireball, With your 16-inch MBP:

I thought I was going crazy..I didn't even mention it in my post, but I would say about 1 in 10 times I open my 16-inch MBP, the screen contrast is very different. Very contrasted. I can solve it by decreasing all the brightness and then increasing it again, or closing and reopening the lid.

As you can see above, it doesn't matter what brightness level you set just before the screen goes to sleep, once awakened it will be at its maximum. According to another user, his iMac Pro (from 2017) also had the same problem, having to change the machine.

We had this exact same problem with an iMac Pro when it was launched. I bought two machines and one of them was useless due to this problem.

After a long time with Apple support, they said it was a known issue, but there was no solution at the moment. Eventually, I managed to convince them to take the machine back as long as the new unit had no problem. I asked for another one, everything was fine and they took the problematic machine back.

I'm sorry to see that the problem is still there.

Some believe that this is a bug related to macOS Catalina, while others claim that this is just a factory defect of some displays, the case of the aforementioned iMac Pro, for example, occurred even before Ma's current operating system was launched.

However, this can be a particularly annoying problem if you need your Mac to maintain certain settings during use, without the need to constantly ?recalibrate? the screen's brightness and contrast.

Apple, for its part, has not yet issued a statement about the problem (the company may not even speak up); in any case, affected users are running after and requesting the replacement of their affected machines and displays. If this has happened to you, just contact Apple support.

via iMore