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Turkish president defends iPhone boycott amid trade war with US

Apparently, Donald Trump is not the only president (or, in this case, the future president) to call for a boycott of Apple products. The head of state of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoan, another one that joins the list although for very different reasons.

Speaking at a meeting of his party's central committee in Ankara, Erdoan argued that the Turks as a whole should start a boycott on products imported from the United States, citing the iPhone nominally and stating: "If they have iPhones, there is Samsung on the other side and we have the Venus ourselves" in reference to the smartphone of the local manufacturer Vestel, produced in Turkey itself. The president also defended that the population should sell foreign currencies and start consuming only locally produced products, as a way to strengthen the country's economy independently.

Erdoan's speech does not come by chance: Turkey is going through a difficult time, economically speaking, and the Turkish lira has lost almost 40% of its value in relation to the dollar since January. According to the president and his party, the moment of instability caused mainly by sanctions imposed by the American government, which imposed an increase in tariffs on metals exported from the Eurasian country.

It is good to note that this trade war started because of an episode that has nothing to do with the economy, when Trump promised to retaliate after the Turkish government denied freedom to an American pastor arrested in the country on charges of terrorism and espionage. Apparently, this retaliation had an effect which exposed the dangerous dependence of the Turkish economy on foreign markets and the lira started to lose value more strongly this week.

It is not yet known what the practical effects of Erdoan's speech are at the moment, the Turkish government has not commented on a possible ban or increase in tariffs on iPhones and products imported from the USA. The fact that the ?answer? had an effect and, at least in the last few hours, the Turkish lira has seen its value remain stable.

Apple, for its part, naturally did not speak out, but a Turkish boycott of its products does not appear to be something that is in Cupertino's plans. The iPhone has about 15% of the smartphone market in the country of almost 80 million people, that is, we are not talking about a disposable market for Ma, which has two official stores (including the beautiful Apple Zorlu Center, pictured at the top of this matter) in Istanbul.

Let's see what this whole story is going to do

via AppleInsider